integration with auction sites

Frequently Asked Questions about integration with auction sites.

Can I order a unique eBay auction template for an on-line store using a STANDARD mask?

The STANDARD version does not define the functionality but only the shop graphics based on a fixed visual template. Choosing a given shop mask does not mean that you cannot order a unique auction template (or even more of them!). Each template will be prepared within graphic service works. This rule applies to all graphic variants of the store mask.

I have more than one account on eBay. Will a single Administration Panel download all my auctions?

The Administration Panel is able to support any number of eBay accounts. If you have multiple accounts on an auction site, each of them will be handled by the without any additional charges. You can also list the same products from separate accounts, setting a different price and using a different template. This means that if you act on eBay as few seemingly competing sellers, you can still use this strategy successfully without renting multiple copies of the

Is integration with auctions available in every version of the on-line store? What are the costs of integration with auction sites?

Integration with auction sites is available in every on-line store. Particular graphic variants (STANDARD, BASIC, ADVANCED, SOPHISTICATED, SUPREME) do not differ in terms of system functionality. The system core is always the same. Different only are the visuals.

Auction template may also prove useful for integration with auctions. You can make it on your own and then add it via the administration panel or commission our graphic designers to prepare it for you. The time spent on creating an auction template is always calculated, basing on customer's needs. If you want to know, how much does it cost, just contact our Graphics Department via ticket.