Creating products on the basis of listings. Supporting listings created outside IdoSell.

In case of having many listings created, the perspective of entering them manually into the IdoSell is far from encouraging. Thus, we have developed a tool enabling bulk import of ongoing listings into the administration panel. Thanks to that, new products together with listing support can be added to the panel. It enables connecting listings with already existing products.

To make the product import process easier for people selling through Allegro or eBay, we have created a tool which performs import for users. It allows for a quick and simple listing import, namely adding listed products to the panel and enabling listing support. Import can be performed for any number of listings within one marketplace account. After listing import, nothing will change on the listing. Listings will be ongoing, customer comments and opinions will be saved, and orders placed on such listings will be transferred to the panel, where they can be further processed.

How to import listings with products?

It is also possible to map listings, so to perform an import without listed products. It means that only handling listings, created outside the IdoSell, will be added to the panel and assigned to an already existing product. If a customer places an order on such listing, the listing will be transferred to the panel together with the product mapped with the chosen listing.

How to map listings to products in the panel?