The servers - frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about servers, hosting, domains and ftp.

Do I get hosting included in subscription plan or should I purchase additional services?

Using the, you do not have to purchase additional hosting services related. Supporting your store on one of our servers (shared or dedicated) is included in monthly subscription fee. You do not have access to FTP of your account, you cannot install anything, commission us to install something for you (i.e. Internet forum). You however of course buy such a service from external hosting company.

The has been devised as a professional, probably the best in the world, service to run an on-line store. We limit our interests to this line of business and we do not plan to compete with hosting companies in terms of renting server disc space for the Internet. Thanks to this great deal of concentration, we can provide you with e-commerce tool, you have never dream of, using other solutions.

It neither does not mean, that - when you want to upload files to the net, like PDF document or movie file - you need to order hosting services. We give our customers a powerful tool called CMS. It allows to create subpages by means of simple web browser and add i.e. JavaScript to them. It also allows to upload and link other files, like movies, PDF documents, drivers or presentations. We also offer specialized mechanism, that allows to add so-called attachments to products and display them only to selected group of customers (i.e. the ones, who purchased this particular product). Lack of external hosting does not limit you anyhow in running your store!

Can you install FTP account or an additional application - like phpBB forum - for me? Can I install my own PHP or Java script? Can I install anything else than a store on dedicated server?

We do not allow for installation of external applications on the servers, because of potential problems with servers compatibility and possible safety breaches, because such applications can disturb the standard machine operations or distort load stats. We would not like to take responsibility for work of programs created by third parties. We give full warranty for the and we cannot give the same for other people's work.

However there are no counter-indications to install third-party application on hosting server and assign subdomain to it, i.e. This program will not threaten the secured operation of your store and your customers will not even notice, that this application runs on different server than store. The IAI Company neither offers hosting services nor has servers for hosting purposes. So, if you want to install applications, buy or rent an account in hosting company.

If you want to add static files to your store (like ZIP and PDF files or even movies), it is possible to utilize standard solutions implemented in the and data volume limit included in every subscription plan. You can of course use the File management for CMS option and put files into main directory or subdirectories and copy links to them. You can also set the user-friendly addresses in ADMINISTRATION section concerning redirections.

If you need to add a plugin, script or other addon to your store, the offers a couple of tools to do this. You can paste JavaScript code, that generates HTML addon in user's web browser. System can also read script response placed in external location and include it in page operation, like it was a part of the store page.

Is 30GB of data transfer much? How can I use this limit?

30GB is enough to support 600-900 visits every day, so it is non-disturbing limit for a store, that is not very-very popular. It is an average visit rate for CLOUD data transfer limit and real transfer depends on multiple factors.

If you are moving your store to the, we always recommend to evaluate current information on traffic size in your hosting solution. If it includes WWW traffic size, divide it by approximately 2.5. If it also includes e-mail and FTP traffic, divide it by 3.5.

Can I install the on external hosting account?

Unfortunately, installing the on external hosting service is not possible. It is a result of such services specificity, that can be a great solution to those customers, who want to pay a small fee for low server load. Hosting providers put hundreds or even thousands of customers accounts on servers. For customers not disturb each other's work, there are limits imposed - for database calls in particular, so launching such comprehensive system as the is impossible.

Another reason is that hosting serves are functionally limited to a few (or maybe a dozen) of the most popular libraries, which does not offer too many possibilities for programmers. Moreover, every company uses different hardware and software configurations and combinations, so we would have to spend much more time to prepare our application and ensure its proper operations in at least a couple of hosting companies. It would be a great limitation to our specialists.

Because the IAI Company engineers look not only after the, but also servers, their system and runtime environment, so we can adjust service parameters, so everything could work more efficiently. Full control allows us to give you full warranty for our services. In case of external hosting, full technical support could be impossible to provide. It could happen, that problems occur, because of changes implemented by administrators, or update of one of the copier could prove impossible - constant update of our customers system is basic feature of our software.

Concluding, installation on external servers would negatively affect price, functionality and scope of service. This is why we do not plan - neither now nor in future - to install the on such.

In what programing language the has been created and will I be able to modify it by myself?

Architecture and technical details of the should not be a concern for any of our customers. It is a service, not an application to be installed manually, nor - self-modification. We use open standard, so our application is compliant with them - HTML, CSS, PDF, CSV, XML.

License we sell is granted for a period of one month (and is prolonged with every subscription fee) and does not cover the exclusive rights to program code. We constantly improve and update our software, so modifications made by our customers would exclude such shops from auto-update mechanisms - it could practically "freeze" their software copies at current copy. We recommend the to those, who value low costs, efficient operations and not thinking about technical issues. This is not a software for hobby-programmers.

Can the be installed on my own server?

We can install stores on dedicated servers. This is why we offer such services in DEDICATED CLOUD subscription plan. We can still guarantee you proper operations in 100% and full technical support for this for still low monthly costs. We do not charge extra for products or transfer in DC, so it is the cheapest way of launching and supporting a large on-line store.

Do I get any e-mail accounts? How to create e-mail accounts in store domain?

We used to create e-mail accounts on our servers, but we found better solution - Google Apps. You can familiarize yourself with information on this subject on page concerning e-mail and Google Apps.

Will I get FTP access?

No. Reasons were described in [/servers/faq.phtml#3 one of the questions above].

Is it true, that you do not limit the volume of data stored on server?

Yes, it is true. Only CLOUD subscription plan has such limit, but it is due to the very nature of service provided on shared server. We want store owners to describe and exhibit their products properly, so limiting it would be a contradiction to this desire. Running an on-line store in the brings additional advantage - we do not delete historical data, so you can always return to them and analyze i.e. your sales in past years. The only real data limit is a limit of hard drive partition size, which is set to 80GB. That is a lot of free space.

How to put additional files on store server?

File management for CMS allows to easily and quickly upload files to use them in your store. These can be files such as graphics, files necessary for auction templates, products long descriptions, attachments to products (like user's manual) and many other. To find it, go to MODERATION, click on File management for CMS. Your file directory will be displayed. Click on Add file or Add directory. Path to newly-uploaded file put in main directory is always as follows: /data/include/cms/file_name; and in directories: /data/include/cms/directory_name/directory_name.

How to clean browser cache?

To clean Internet Explorer cache, go to browser history. The easiest way to activate this window is to press combination of following buttons: Shift + Ctrl + Del.
Another method is going to Settings section and clicking on Security / Delete browser history....

In browser history deletion window select Temporary Internet files and Cookies, then click on Delete.

To clean Internet Explorer cache, go to browser history. The easiest way to activate this window is to press combination of following buttons: Shift + Ctrl + Del.

Another ways is clicking on Firefox button and going to Options / Options. Then go to Privacy tab and click on clean recent history. History cleaning window will be displayed.

After cleaning browser cache, refresh browser view, i.e. by pressing F5 button, or combination of Ctrl + F5 or Ctrl + R (on Apple iOS system).

To clean Netscape cache:

  • Close all other browser windows.
  • Click on "Edit" menu and go to "Preferences".
  • Click on "+" next to "Advanced settings".
  • Select "Cache" in "Advanced settings tab".
  • Click on "Clean browser cache".
  • Click on "OK".

To clean Safari cache:

  • Close all other browser windows.
  • Click on "Safari" menu on browser tool bar.
  • Select "Empty Cache" option.
  • Click on "Empty" button in pop-up window.

Please remember: Sometimes you will need to clean browser cache more than once!

To clean Chrome cache:

  1. Close all other browser windows.
  2. Click Chrome menu on browser tool bar.
  3. Select Clear browsing data....
  4. Select period you want to remove cache for.
  5. Select Empty the cache leaving all other fields unmarked, unless you wish to empty other settings as well.
  6. Confirm emptying the cache by clicking Clear browsing data.