Integration with Google tools

Launching IdoSell integration with Google tools does not require any complicated actions from users. Just enable Analytics or Search Console in IdoSell panel, and the system will do the rest.

IdoSell with the Google Premium Partner

Premium Google Partner is a prestigious award granted to companies for their skills and knowledge in the field of AdWords.The title of the Partner is awarded after meeting a number of conditions, such as demonstrating employees' knowledge and presenting the results of revenue growth, or the ability to maintain and expand the customer base.

We are the only online selling solution that has been awarded this title. This means that our clients receive the best service possible, performed by specialists in their field.

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Thanks to our authorial technology, we can accurately, automatically, real-time control the display of your ads and maximum clicks per click. Thanks to that, you do not advertise the goods that are out of stock or sell without advertising. But most important, calculated by the intelligent authorial algorithm the max-CPC rate guarantees you the cost-effectiveness of advertising, so you can spend as much as you want, with the guarantee of only profitable sales. If you want to use this product send a request to contact our specialist , who will provide you with details.

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Google Shopping

Google Shopping offers a number of new opportunities for sale on foreign markets. It shows a new approach to finding products in online stores by linking AdWords campaigns with accurate inventory data. Potential customers receive interesting information even before they enter your online store, which further translates into effective advertising campaigns.

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Adwords dynamic remarketing

The last report prepared by Episerver clearly indicates that 92% of the first visits to the store do not end with a purchase. If you do not want to sacrifice this immense untapped potential, offer your potential customers remarketing campaigns , which will allow you to reach those visitors who have visited your store in the past. With the help of tailored broadcasts to your audience, dynamic remarketing allows you to build real sales, inducing visitors to shop in your store.

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Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free Google service that helps you monitor and maintain your site's position in Google's search results. You do not need to set up an account at Search Console to make your site appear in these results. Creating an account, however, lets you figure out how Google sees your site and to optimize it to reach even better search results.

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Google Sitemap

Google Sitemap (sitemap) file in IdoSell is generated automatically. The prepared file is provided to search engine robots to have a complete database of online shop pages. You can also do this yourself by getting more information about crawled content.

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics It is one of the basic tools for analyzing statistics and measuring the effectiveness of marketing activities. IdoSell stores provide integration with Google Analytics, providing support even for a special extension to measure traffic in online stores.

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Google + 1

Google Plus is a social networking site that extends across the entire Google system. By integrating IdoSell with Google+, we have enabled visitors to add your selected items to their + 1' list. This way, if another visitor finds your product in the search engine (or goes to a store's merchandise card), will be able to see who added it to their1+ list.

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Google Rich Snippets

Google Rich Snippets , also referred to as formatted snippets, are extensions of the page description that appears in the search results. With this information, a person looking for a product right away on the Google search results page (so- called SERP) sees a properly formatted description, additional information, price, availability, reviews, etc. With this information, the results from IdoSells are better visible and better catch customers' attention.

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Google Maps

Google Maps is a service that makes it easy to find addresses anywhere in the world and present them in an easy way on the map, making it simple for you to pick a pick up point from an online store or easily find your business. All IdoSell stores may contain maps on all subpages where this is helpful.

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Logging in with a Google Account

With the help of Google's login mechanism, it's easier and faster for your customers to log in to your store. You also increase the loyalty and trust of your customers. Your customers can conveniently register at the store. You can also set special discounts for people logging in with Google account.

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Adwords campaigns

Most consumers go to online stores using Google search engine. The presence on the first page of this search engine is therefore a very desirable situation, and Google AdWords campaigns may be very helpful here. They allow you to view sponsored links in search results. With links, our position in Google's search results is growing.

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Google Shopping Customer Reviews

Google Shopping Customer Reviews is a free program which enables collecting customer reviews, who made purchase in your online shop. Customers are asked whether they want to review your shop in the order summary.

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