Premium IP - independent IPv4 addresses for every on-line store

Do you need to use your own SSL certificate or use different domains to improve your search results position? You need the Premium IP service.

We have predicted that you may need:

and we have created the Premium IP service. Premium IP is an advanced system of IPv4 addresses control. It is fully integrated with the server management system, so its installation is fully automatized. Thanks to this, when we migrate your store to another server (i.e. from shared to dedicated), the system remembers about your individual IPv4 address.

How to turn it on?

To turn Premium IP service on, go to administration panel ADMINISTRATION / Domains, SSL, redirections and system services management / Premium IP Configuration and turn on the service. Premium IP service will be activated in a couple of minutes and it will reconfigure the system adequately.

How much does it cost?

Cost of the Premium IP service can always be found in a current detailed price list and is calculated with one day-accuracy for the first and last day of using the service.