The server infrastructure

You do not have to worry, where to launch on-line store, hire specialists and trouble yourself with technical issues. We give you the most sophisticated server solutions in the World.

The service is not only the system itself. Great technical infrastructure is our secret weapon - hundreds of servers located in the most sophisticated data centers and connected to the Internet by ultrafast optical fiber lines. Our customers are not anyhow limited by bandwidth nor their transfer is limited. The only real limit is server computing power. We do not use hosting accounts, that are maybe cheap, but offer so little in return. To run such a very advanced system, you need high computing power and we offer it in the lowest price possible within our affordable subscription plans. We keep total control over the servers, so the environment - including operating system and other services - is optimal to work with fruits of our programmers' work. We can inspect any part of the system - if anything undesirable occurs - and solve any problems or eliminate bottlenecks. Each of our servers is regularly monitored, updated and backuped in case of failure.

The only thing you need to remember about - no matter if your page is visited by 100, 10 00 or 1 000 000 customers daily - is that we offer we you a ready-to-use solution, tested and perfected over the years of selling and providing our services.

To provide you with the highest service quality, we cannot use nonstandard launch environments. This is why we do not offer the in boxed version, where the customer bears all difficulties and problems directly related to server administration. Our admins use tools created by us. This is why the infrastructure cost is only a small percentage of all chargs. We do not sell our software, so you cannot buy it and install on hosting account. It does not make any sense after all - neither practical nor economical. In the you purchase the certainty of dependable operation and you do not have to worry, who in your company will administrate your servers. You can choose either dynamic plan (CLOUD) or rent measured computing power (DEDICATED CLOUD), so you can gain flat fees and potentially powerful servers. We also offer the most sophisticated solutions supported by multiple servers (store page operates on more than a single server), that demand the highest qualifications both programmer's and administrator's, and you will pay much less - than hiring your own admin - for all of this. Paying for the, you get a ready-to-use system along with the support of the best server administration specialists.

In the - using easy-to-use interface available in administration panel - you can easily and free-of-charge perform multiple operations, normally demanding hiring a specialist. In case of problems or difficulties, you get help and support. Operations, you can perform on your own, are: