SSL certificates - how to install them and what is their purpose?

SSL certificate is something that sounds rather mysteriously to many users. It can somehow be related to large institutions - like banks - what can lead to wrong impressions about its intended use, i.e. that it can be a technology obtainable only by large entities. Reality is completely different however, data encryption and signing pages with SSL certificate is a standard method of data protection during exchange performed between a browser and a server. That is why in IdoSell stores, all domains added in the administration panel have the automatically generated Commercial Wildcard SSL certificate plugged in at no extra charge.
cheap SSL Certificate in your online store

Safety and data encryption in the online store is becoming almost mandatory. When a store lacks an SSL certificate, web browsers warn customers that shopping in the store is dangerous. If you have not already had an SSL certificate in your store, you do not have to worry about it anymore. You get a Commercial Wildcard SSL (Domain Validation) certificate for any domain connected to your online store free of charge within the subscription.

What are the benefits of using SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificate allows to authenticate the domain owner and secured data exchange between a server and a web browser. As long as you use our technical domain, you are secured by our Wildcard certificate. However, if the store uses its own domain, you receive the Commercial Wildcard SSL certificate from IdoSell for the entire duration of the contract, without additional fees (i.e. under the subscription you have already paid), without having to wait for the expiration and renewal of the certificate.

This way you will ensure the safety of all purchases made in your store!

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What exactly is a wildcard certificate?

This type of an SSL certificate covers all subdomains, i.e. not only, but also all other addresses belonging to the domain (* This type of a certificate is ideal for stores using the mobile version of the store.

Wildcard certificates are also useful when there are many stores in one family of domains, such a 1-year certificate can be generated (renewed) without fees in one store, and it will be automatically copied to all other matching domains.

How can I use the SSL certificate?

Clients of IdoSell can choose one of two methods of an SSL certificate installation for the chosen domain:

  • Commercial Wildcard SSL certificate generated automaitcally for the domainCertyfikaty SSL Asseco - thanks to the cooperation of IAI with Asseco Data Systems S.A., the creators of CERTUM, the installation of the SSL certificate is fully automatic and takes place for each domain connected in the administration panel.
    • Installation of your own SSL certificate - for domains owners with an already purchased SSL certificate, there is also an option of uploading a certificate in the administration panel. A description of the steps to be taken is available in the section frequently asked questions about SSL certificates.

Having an SSL certificate you have a chance to get the SuperFair.Shop™ Award

wyróżnienie SuperFair.Shop™ The SuperFair.Shop ™ quality award is only given to safe and customer-friendly stores. Encrypted connections using https: // are one of the requirements to achieve this award. SuperFair.Shop ™ increases customer confidence in your online store and guarantees them successful shopping. We encourage you to promote safe shopping with us and to achieve this distinction. You have already completed one goal at the start, get more!