Remote Support

Remote Support is a comfortable way of getting in touch with us, introduced to facilitate the support concerning supporting applications and trainings. Due to the fact that we connect with your computer immediately, we can provide remote support and thus, save your time.

IdoSell means thousands of functions and advanced applications. We are aware of the fact that familiarizing oneself with all the possibilities of our system can be time-consuming. If you would like to quickly learn the functions and applications of your choice, as well as have a Remote Support training, this solution is perfect for you.

Remote Support is an immediate training. If you would like to acquire new information, you do not have to come directly to our office. Remote Support solves the problem of the distance. Thanks to that, you eliminate costs and save time.

If you already have a shop on IdoSell platform and:

  • You would like to have a training on your own computer
  • You have problems with installing supporting applications
  • You wish to quickly install a supporting application which will be ready to use immediately
  • You experience difficulties with exchanging data between the administration panel and, for example, an external financial accounting program
  • You need support concerning matters exceeding administration panel possibilities can simply use Remote Support.

  • Attention

Remote Support is a support service which means that in case of explaining the source of problems with, for example, supporting application, the service is free as it is included in the technical support. If you, however, would like to have a remote support or ask for configuring the supporting application for you, you will be charged for such service according to the price list.


We are aware of the fact that connecting with your computer can raise some concerns. We care for your safety – thus, Remote Support contains many securing and encrypting functions. It enables encrypting the entire communication between the computers.

How to use Remote Support:

The whole process is quick and easy. You can simply write a ticket in which you ask for Remote Suport and then download the program and provide us with the data for the remote connection within the agreed time.

You can find necessary links below:

LAUNCH TeamViewer - IAI Remote Support