IdoSell supporting applications

IdoSell finally puts an end to systems in which the lack of integration, automation and functionality is being compensated with the extra work of people. You won't find similar solutions in competitive offers.

Supporting applications expand capabilities of IdoSell and are ideal in following situations:

  • whenever using a web browser may be too slow - for example, during data import or works on large amount of data
  • when performing hundreds of repetitive tasks
  • when working off-line (without permanent Internet access) is necessary

IdoSell along with all supporting applications runs in the data cloud model, so your business is comprehensively supported.

IdoSell POS IdoSell POS

An application for handling cash operations in a stationary shop or a wholesale store. Thanks to cooperation with fiscal printers and barcode readers it can replace ordinary cash register units. IAI POS uses the IdoSell stock management module, which allows for automatic exchange of information and synchronization of inventories between the on-line shop and the traditional one.
More information about IAI POS:

  • Handles cash operations in traditional store based on the IdoSell stock management module
  • Is integrated with inventory of the on-line store
  • Can replace the standard cash register
  • Generates and allows to print VAT invoices (only on-line)
  • Generates corrective VAT invoices automatically (only on-line)
  • Supports fiscal printers and barcode readers
  • Allows temporary off-line work
  • Supports traditional and touchscreen interfaces
  • Allows to print sales reports

IAI Downloader

Software for import and update of suppliers' offers in the IdoSell shop. The application can import the offer along with prices, descriptions and pictures. It also performs automatic updates based on changes in products' prices and their availability. IAI Downloader uses an IOF format but also XML and CSV.
More information about IAI Downloader:

  • Downloads an offer from a wholesaler's database along with products' descriptions and pictures automatically
  • Synchronizes offer from a wholesale store
  • Updates selected elements of an offer (i.e. sizes, colours, etc)
  • Accesses up-to-date information about products
  • Generates professional and clear offer with all the details (i.e. a wholesale store for retailers)
  • Works automatically

IAI Bridge IAI Bridge

Application which integrates your IdoSell shop with an external FA program. It allows to control the offer and stock levels. Moreover, you can manage all your orders in your FA program and not in the shop's panel if needed. Automatic exchange of information about prices, stock levels and orders will let you concentrate on sales.
More information about IAI Bridge:

  • The offer of your online shop always up-to-date with stock levels
  • Orders transferred from your shop can be completed in your FA program and the invoices can be issued also directly in your invoice and stock control program
  • Possibility of stock management and orders' invoicing in an invoice and stock control program
  • Eliminates human errors
  • Saves your time
  • Works automatically in the background

IAI Scanner

We have created IAI Scanner to reduce time of stock operations. Thanks to usage of a bar code reader, warehousemen can process orders without using a PC only by pressing a reader's trigger.
More information about IAI Scanner:

  • assigning parcel numbers to orders
  • changing orders statuses
  • verifying orders
  • accepting and verifying deliveries in warehouses
  • conducting inventories