30 August 2016

Smells like coffee! Konesso - case study of a successful omnichannel coffee business

Over the past three years, Konesso.pl became one of the leading online coffee stores in Poland, with tens of thousands of customers praising their product quality and service. Coffee connoisseurs may also enjoy a hot cup in person, in one of Konesso's brick-and-mortar shops. How do they manage all this? Have a look at our case study and a short interview with Grzegorz Bienko - Konesso's owner.

Konesso is a perfect example of how to successfully implement an omnichannel retailing strategy with the use of tools and integrations available in the IdoSell Shop ecosystem. The store makes use of IAI POS, our dedicated point of sale solution, at their traditional stores, which helps them keep orders and stock levels in sync with their online shops. In order to handle such a large number of daily orders efficiently, they also make use of IAI Scanner to automate shipping processes. The effects are clearly visible - Konesso received the highest marks for professional online sales service in the food category, awarded by Opineo, the biggest customer review aggregator, for the third year running.