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Disappointed customers are much more likely to share feedback than satisfied customers - the sooner you learn how customers perceive your store, the sooner you'll be able to understand and respond to their changing needs - so making it easy for customers to provide feedback on your store's order processing and the quality of the goods you sell should be one of the first steps to improving your service.

Collecting feedback on orders and purchased goods

Thanks to this module (configuration in ADMINISTRATION / Configuration of opinions about orders and goods) you can collect opinions from your customers on the realization of their orders in your store. After the time specified in the settings, from the dispatch of the order, the buyer will receive the message Request for opinions and comments, from which he will be able to easily evaluate the realization of the order, and on the same page - to evaluate the goods he has purchased. Collecting feedbacks on the order and purchased goods on one page has many advantages:

  1. The buyer can easily and in one go evaluate both the order processing and the goods they bought, so they won't be discouraged from looking for them on your store and will leave more valuable feedback for you and future visitors to your store.
  2. You can immediately present the buyer with information about loyalty points, which he will be able to earn for adding feedback about the purchased goods, evaluation of order processing and in this way encourage him both to leave more valuable reviews and to make further purchases in your store - using the loyalty points earned in this way.
  3. The customer can always come back to this page when he or she has formed a better opinion about the purchased goods and can easily add it - and by the way - rate the other goods. In this way you use the moment when the customer has a moment and feels like evaluating to gather information about the other goods from the order.

How do I start collecting order and merchandise reviews on the site?

The first step to collecting reviews of orders is to configure them properly in the module ADMINISTRATION / Configuring order and product reviews. First of all, make sure that your customers know that they can rate the order.

Configuration - Configuration

You can edit the content of the message, but we recommend that you leave the functionality from the default message to make sure that customers end up on a page that allows them to evaluate the fulfillment of the order and all the purchased goods at once. Merchandise reviews added in this way will have the additional information that they have been confirmed with a purchase - this is important, as it will give other customers confidence that the review is from a customer who has experienced the pros and cons of the merchandise first hand.

When a customer clicks on the smiley face symbolizing the order rating, he will be redirected to the page. His or her rating will be recorded immediately, so if he or she decides not to continue with the rating, he or she can do so later, but the rating will already be saved and will influence the overall rating of your store in the programme.

The rating can be changed by the customer at any time - all the customer has to do is click on the smiley face in the message again and they will be able to change both their rating and their opinion of the order processing.

Evaluate order - Evaluate order

The rating along with any feedback on the order's completion will be displayed in the administration panel of your store (in section MODERATION / feedback on orders and goods) and you will be able to either hide it (but remember that hiding it concerns only the content of the feedback, the rating itself remains and will continue to affect the overall rating of your store) or respond to it.

Respond - Respond

The added review will appear on your store's page and the ratings from all order reviews will affect your store's overall rating.

Reviews - Reviews

How do you make the best use of the feedback you've already collected??

IdoSell Opinions badgeSimply - show them off. Your customers are already looking for feedback on your store, make it easy for them and direct them to your feedback page. You already have all the necessary tools for this in the IdoSell administration panel, just start sending them a request to add an opinion about the order and display on your website information about where they can look for opinions.

To do this, you can:

  1. Present merchandise reviews on the merchandise card - if your store template doesn't already do this - it's worth changing.
  2. Present customer reviews on a separate subpage dedicated to merchandise reviews. Reviews with adding-photos-of-your-customers will automatically appear on this page - this will both build a community around your store and be a great tool for potential customers to see how the goods they are interested in look in real life.
  3. Present feedback on your orders, both on your website and on an independent external service - if you are using new standard templates, support for a page presenting feedback on your store you already have ready to use, if you are using older versions or your own graphic solution - choose one of the solutions dedicated to stores with their own template.
  4. Present a badge with your store's rating - you can use the ready badge thanks to full integration with the service Trusted Opinions IdoSell.

Why is promoting yourself on external sites better than on your own site?

Presenting reviews on a store's website is always associated with a limited level of trust - customers don't know that you can't change the content of the reviews or the rating of the order's fulfilment - after all, this is a website over which you, as the owner, have full control - so they may assume that in order to increase sales you influence which ratings and reviews are displayed on the store.

To avoid such suspicions, it is worth choosing external services that are already known and trusted. Also be interested in the Real Customoer Reviews IdoSell service - a fully integrated service accumulating opinions about your store in one place, ready to be launched with one click, without the need to sign a contract and synchronize data.

cosslodkiego - cosslodkiego

How else can you encourage customers to leave reviews on your store?

Allow non-logged-in customers to add feedback on merchandise.

Your visitors may already have a preconceived opinion about your merchandise, and you can make it easy for them to leave a review without having to log in. The only thing the customer has to do is to confirm the opinion by clicking on the link sent to the e-mail address provided during rating.

If it turns out that this address is related to an order for this product - the opinion will be added as a registered user opinion, confirmed by a purchase, which is much more valuable than a regular opinion.

Build a good loyalty program that encourages people to leave feedback.

Encouraging customers to leave reviews of orders and goods can be more effective if you reward them for their time with loyalty points, which they can use to make future purchases from your store.

You can reward customers both for leaving a score on an order, taking the time to describe their impressions of the order, and for individual product reviews with photos added to them.

See what else you can gain with Loyalty Programs

The most popular external review sites are already in IdoSell

In the IdoSell administration panel, you can connect your store to the external trusted reviews service of your choice with a single click, possibly by entering a special ID that you will receive from the chosen service and setting some intuitive configuration options. It's worth using external services because, in addition to the fact that your store will be perceived by customers as trustworthy:

  • Your listings stand out in all kinds of search result listings
  • You will be able to receive certificates granted by some opinion services, increasing the prestige of your store's brand
  • This can increase traffic to your online store
  • You get invaluable feedback from customers to improve the sales process

Should you be afraid of bad reviews?


Your customers' feedback is a subjective reaction to various service issues - if you respond to it quickly enough, improving your company's processes, you can use such feedback and show in your response (and in your action) how important your customers' comments are to you and how quickly you are able to respond to their needs.

Displaying bad, but constructive and supported by reality feedback will definitely increase the authenticity of positive feedback - there are no perfect stores and accidents can happen during customer service for various reasons, it is important to learn from this.

Sometimes a bad opinion causes support from satisfied customers - customers dissatisfied with the goods can pour out their grievances by exaggerating and denigrating everything that, according to them, went wrong. If such a customer is not right, it is worth responding to this opinion and leaving it for other buyers to evaluate. Often, such feedback will show that the customer is simply rowdy - but to us, they are still a customer who deserves attention and understanding.

Certainly, bad reviews should be feared if there is an overwhelming majority of them - this could be indicative of some problem that may be worthy of quick identification and response. The most important thing is to know the feedback, otherwise you won't even know that something is wrong, and the only measure may be a drop in orders, the cause of which you would perhaps look elsewhere.