IdoSell Real Customer Reviews

Reviews fully integrated into your store, without additional fees or signing a contract

Are customers looking for reviews of your store?

Conscious customers - often through experiences with individual stores that do not respect the basic rules of trade (the lack of conformity of product description with reality, failure to meet lead times, unethical pre- and post-sale service, or even fraud and extortion) - pay more and more attention to getting to know the seller before they buy anything from him.

The best way to get to know a vendor is through the independent opinions of their customers, and these are more valuable the more of them there are.

In order to make it easier to present the opinions collected by you about purchases in your store, we have launched the Real Customer Reviews service, thanks to which you can present your customers' opinions about orders without any additional fees, signing a contract, exporting them to external servers or importing them to your store.

How to start with Real Customer Reviews

The Real Customer Reviews service is fully integrated with your store, all you have to do is to go to the ADMINISTRATION / Configuration of order and product reviews module in the administration panel of your store and in the External services section you will go to the Real Customer Reviews service configuration. You don't need any password or customer id, the service is integrated with your store's feedback system and it's up to you to decide whether you want the feedback to be displayed on your store or on the Real Customer Reviews service.

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Remember, in order to properly display order reviews on your online store you should use one of our designs, or order a proper template update if you use a custom solution. However, we strongly encourage you to use the option of displaying your reviews on Trusted IdoSell Opinions - in the eyes of your customers, displaying reviews on an independent site is better received than presenting them on your own site, even if you ensure that they are not moderated by you.

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