Frequently asked questions about sending messages via FreshMail servers

Please find below the answers to frequently asked questions regarding sending newsletters via FreshMail servers

How will the messages sent via FreshMail servers be marked in the system report?

Each type of messages (newsletter, triggered message, single transaction e-mail) will be marked as Message sent by FreshMail.

What will happen with messages in case of exceeding the balance set for using FreshMail servers?

If the balance is reached before the transfer has been finished, you will be informed accordingly in a ticket. The unsent messages will be kept in a queue for 7 days.

Is the configuration of SPF domain necessary?

There is no further configuration of SPF needed.

Am I charged immediately after a message is sent?

The system calculates the payment for all unpaid messages once a day. The payment is rounded to two digits after the decimal point. As an example, if there are several messages sent with the numeric value of 0,003GBP, the system will round a price to 0,01GBP.