Ready to use integration of online stores with Google Maps

Google Maps is a service that allows you to search for addresses worldwide and present them in an easy-to-use way on the map, making it easy for you to choose a pick up point from an online store or quickly find your company. All IdoSell shops can include maps on all subpages.

Google Maps in your online store

If you have decided to set up an online store on the IdoSell engine, your new online store will be immediately integrated with Google Maps in the scope described above. You just need to complete the address of your customer service office and pickup points, and they will automatically appear on the maps in your store.

Google Maps can be placed on the following subpages:

Contact data

By default, the map presents the address of the customer service office, which you enter in the administration panel.

Detailed description of a single collection point (warehouse)

The subpage allows you to describe a particular store or a warehouse, inform about opening times and show it to customers on the map.

Choosing a pick up point when placing an order

When a customer makes a pick up order, it's convenient to choose a pick up location with Google Maps. Presentation of pick points works with a list of own magazines.

List of business partners

The map of your partner network shows the addresses of individual companies, but also the business cards you enter in the administration panel. This way you can show your customers the companies you work with in an attractive and convenient way. If you are only selling wholesale, you can show your recipient network, where the final customer can do retail shopping.

Individual orders

You can always order a different way to show and view maps in your store. All you have to do is send your guidelines to your graphic designer, and you will be able to implement this feature the way you want. Here are a few different settings and styles we can set for your online store:

If your online store has existed for a long time and you do not have a map package yet, please write a ticket. Our graphic designers update the layout cheaply, safely, quickly and without interrupting proper work even for a minute.

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Necessary Google Maps setup

You need to provide an access key to be able to view the maps in your online store.

Learn how to get a Google Maps API key