How to get the Google Maps API key and other frequently asked questions about Google maps

Below you may find details and answers to frequently asked questions about Google Maps in IdoSell online stores

Why are Google maps not displayed in the store?

If on the pages of your online store, instead of maps, a message appears that the maps have not been loaded correctly, it means that you must generate and provide the key for the Google Maps API.
To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to:
  • Click on "GET STARTED"
  • Select "MAPS", create a new project, or select an existing one
  • Enable payment by completing payment details
  • The wizard will guide you through the steps and generate the API Key
  • Copy the displayed key and go to the IdoSell administration panel
  • Make sure that the 'Geolocation API' is enabled
  • Make sure that the 'Places API' is enabled
  • In MARKETING & INTEGRATIONS/Google select the Google Maps option and paste the authorization API key for Google Maps.

Note form graphic department: if after providing the API key for Google Maps in the administration panel, maps are not displayed properly, the update of the shop's template is necessary.

What is the limit of Google Maps queries using the API key?

Using the Google Maps API Key, you can load maps approximately 28,000 times a month free of charge.
However, to prevent unauthorized use of your key, Google recommends that you limit the use of the key only to the indicated domains of your store.
The best solution in this case will be the restriction "HTTP referrers (websites)" where we provide the address/addresses of the store.

  • Domains may be indicated in the Google Cloud Platform panel, in the API interfaces and services / Login data tab by clicking the pencil icon.
    • A list of your domains can be found in the IdoSell administration panel in ADMINISTRATION / Manage domains, SSL, redirections and system services / Manage domains

Can I use one, the same key to the Google Maps API in all stores?

This is possible, but you should keep in mind daily queries limits.

How can one specify the geographic coordinates of the marker on the Google map?

Data locating the company and warehouses on Google maps have the ability to adjust location via drag&drop.
You can perform manual coordinate correction in the following sections:

  • ADMINISTRATION / Company data / Contact details and data for invoices / column Contact details / option [edit]
  • ADMINISTRATION / Configuration of stocks and stock management / column Operations / option [edit]