Dynamic Products Groups

Skip the marketplace and bring customers directly to your store!
We will help you to:
  • Identify which merchandise has the highest sales potential (based on historical store data)
  • Evaluate which channels increase the potential of sales of your products
Dynamic Products Groups
Dynamic Products Groups

What will you gain with Dynamic Product Groups?

  • Conversion better by 10%* and more in-store traffic due to price adjustments and well-tailored ads.
  • You have a chance to get customers directly in the store, not from the marketplace .
  • You invest in Google or Facebook advertising for your e-business, instead of commissions for the marketplace.
  • You focus on a specific group of products and thus reduce costs per click without converting.
  • By increasing traffic to your store, you invest in increasing your brand awareness. On Allegro you are anonymous.

* Test result in one of the pilot stores

Dynamic Products Groups

By setting lower prices for goods than in the marketplace and advertising products on Google Shopping or Facebook, you are drawing traffic to your store. This is because lower-priced goods are more likely to be displayed by Google, resulting in more impressions and clicks.
Thanks to Dynamic Product Groups, you can build groups of products, intelligently selected for promotion in selected sales channels, and thus focus your advertising efforts right away on those products that are worth investing in.
Dynamic Products Groups

How much does it cost and how do I enable it?

  • For customers with an active Google Ads by IdoSell service, the module is free
  • Dynamic groups is a paid module for customers who do not have the IAI Ads service active
  • Fee is 50 PLN per store
  • First 30 days are free

Dynamic Pricing - available soon

We know how important it is to manage the price of goods and how difficult it is to coordinate the prices of goods sold through different channels.

The Dynamic Pricing module will allow you to define ready-made rules to control prices, so that your online store will always be cheaper than the offer in the marketplace, where you pay an additional commission.
Dynamic Products Groups