Integration with the GLS Poland courier in IdoSell Shop

Take full advantage of the possibilities offered by the integration of IdoSell Shop with GLS Poland.


Quality leader in parcel logistics

This is the guiding principle of GLS which emphasizes quality in the provision of services. Through its own domestic companies and partner companies, the GLS Group has built an extensive network to deliver parcels to customers in 40 countries. In this way, it ensures the efficiency and flexibility of its operational network.
GLS provides high-quality, reliable parcel services to over 240,000 customers, supplemented by freight and express services.

Benefits of the integration operation

IdoSell Shop and GLS integration is fully automatic, based on GLS WebAPI. Thanks to this:

the store gains fully automatic generation of shipping documents,
labels in PDF, ZPL and DPL formats,
confirmation of posting in PDF format,
automatically completing the customs declaration and forwarding the VAT invoice document to the GLS customs agency,
automatic saving of assigned shipment numbers,
the ability to return the shipment tracking link to customers using GLS parcel numbers

Services available in integration with GLS:

  • GLS
  • GLS point delivery (direct delivery to point 'Fast Parcel / ParcelShop GLS' )
  • GLS delivery by 10:00
  • GLS delivery by 12:00
  • GLS delivery on Saturday

Delivery of goods to a network of collection points in five countries

Delivery to a selected pick-up point is an increasingly popular alternative to home deliveries. GLS enables delivery to 12,000 collection points in:

  • Polish
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Germany

Customs clearance without printing documents

As part of the integration, you will send parcels not only within the European Union, but also to other countries around the world. Preparing shipments outside the EU is easier thanks to a service that allows you to attach documentation required for customs clearance to your shipment without printing it. Make sure that the invoice is generated / attached to the order, and all data required for customs clearance will be automatically transferred to GLS.

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