List of fiscal printers supported by the Printer application

Many years of cooperation with manufacturers of fiscal equipment allowed us to create a reliable application. Printer is compatible with the most popular fiscal printers in Poland, and work with each of the mentioned devices has been checked by our specialists.

Below is a list of models of fiscal printers supported by Printer application:


  • models without online module
    • Wiking 1.0
    • Wiking 2.0
    • Wiking 3.0
    • Vega Mobil
    • Vento 1.0
    • Vento 1.11
    • Vento 1.12
    • Vivo 1.10
    • Vivo 1.11
    • Quatro
    • Delio (without an electronic copy)
    • Delio (with an electronic copy)
    • Delio Prime
    • Delio E
    • Delio Prime E
    • Bono E
    • Deon
    • Deon E
    • HD E
  • models with online module
    • Deon Online
    • HD Online
    • Bono Online


  • models without online module
    • Thermal
    • Thermal (old homologation)
    • Thermal HS EJ
    • Thermal FV (with LED display) (with printout of VAT invoices)
    • Thermal FV EJ (with LED display) (with printout of VAT invoices)
    • Thermal FV EJ (with LCD display) (with printout of VAT invoices)
    • Thermal HS FV EJ
    • Thermal HD
    • Thermal XL
    • Temo 1.02*
    • Temo HS EJ
    • Posnet TRIO (with printout of VAT invoices)
  • models with online module
    • Trio Online
    • Temo Online
    • Thermal HD Online


  • models without online module
    • Omega I generation
    • Omega II generation
    • Mera E
    • Mera EFV
    • Mera TE
    • FP-600A
    • ZETA
  • models with online module
    • CUBE R Online
    • Zeta Online
    • Mera Online BT\WiFi\LAN 1830


  • models without online module
    • Profit
    • Profit EJ


  • models without online module
    • Duo Pro

The Printer application provides seamless support for these models only. If you have a printer e.g. in online version connected with UBS cable and communication with it takes place on the same principles as in case of the version supported by us without the online annotation, the receipt printout should also work in its case. However, until full tests are carried out and a given printer is added to the list of printers officially supported by the Printer application, we cannot guarantee this. In this case, such printouts are made at your own risk.

Learn more about the configuration of fiscal printers in Printer

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