Printer - FAQ

Frequently asked questions and answers about the Printer application.

How to correctly switch from the version of Printer 4.X to the latest version 6.X?

In order to successfully upgrade from version 4.x to version 6.X, follow these steps:

  1. Download the new version installer from the HELP APPLICATIONS / Printer page in your panel.
  2. Run the downloaded file Setup Printer.exe.
  3. Follow the installer prompts. If you use a Novitus or Innova fiscal printer, check the installation of the appropriate components during installation. The program will be installed as a separate application, which means that both the old and the new version will be available on your computer.
  4. After installing, start a new application.
  5. Stop the program service and go to the menu Settings / Fiscal printers and Settings / Document printers in order to check the correctness of the configuration saved there and to make test prints.
  6. When everything is verified, save the settings and apply the changes - at this point the program will send the saved settings to the panel, where you can confirm them on the pages ADMINISTRATION / Print configuration / Fiscal printer settings (Pinter) and ADMINISTRATION / Printout Configuration / Document Printer Settings (Printer).
  7. IMPORTANT!!! If you would like to uninstall your previous version of Printer as part of the order, you must first backup the files in the C:\ProgramData\IAI\IAI Printer directory, otherwise, if you do not copy these files, the new version of the program will lose its configuration and you will have to reinstall it and go through the entire installation and configuration wizard from scratch.