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Searching Pro is changing - find out what's new in the smart search engine

In Searching Pro, we have introduced further features that optimize product search on the store's website. From now on, you can present your customers with more tailored lists of goods, not just search results. Improve their shopping experience and enable Searching Pro now.

What is changing in Searching Pro?

Searching Pro optimizes product search on the store's website. It has enhanced functionality to help sales, such as suggesting search phrases, managing their redirection and sorting search results based on sales appeal and availability.

We have introduced more features within the tool. From now on, you can present your customers with more customized lists of goods and suggest categories, brands and series based on the keywords used.

Searching Pro shortens the buying process by presenting results that are consistent with what the customer is looking for, and relative to what is attractive and available virtually immediately. As a result, Searching Pro makes it unnecessary for the customer to look for a product from a competitor, and this decisively translates into higher conversions.

In the first update of the Searching Pro service this year, we added the following improvements:

  • Presentation of available products at the beginning of the list of goods - the option is available for any sorting mode.
  • Sorting lists of goods by sales attractiveness (similar to search results) - the option is available for any sorting mode.
  • Search based on keywords used in category, brands and series settings.
  • We have reorganized the layout of options - now you will find most of the options for searching and sorting goods in the store in one place - in the new module "Moderation / Shop operation / Search engine and product lists".

Later in the year, we are planning further updates to our service with additional features to optimize the store's search engine, goods lists, and another round of organizing search and sorting options so that they can be accessed from a single module.

Searching Lite available in every IdoSell panel

In addition to expanding Searching Pro, we have also added enhancements for the functionality available in IdoSell that is included in Searching Lite:

  • We have added a new sorting mode for search results and lists of goods - "Best relevance".

By default, the standard sorting mode (formerly "matching") works for it, where the goods for which the search phrase is the most relevant relative to the data contained in the goods are shown first.

If you subscribe to Searching Pro, it is possible to enable the "Sales attractiveness" option, where goods will be displayed in the order: available, pre-sale, on order, unavailable. In order for the "Best relevance" sorting to be displayed in the store template, it is necessary to update the Standard template to the latest version, and in the case of customized solutions to order graphic work.

  • The standard sorting mode is now also possible to set not only for search results, but also for lists of goods.

Test Searching Pro for free

Searching Pro is only available for Elastic Cloud (priced at 49 PLN/month) and Cloud Pro (priced at 99 PLN/month) subscription plans. You can use Searching Pro free of charge for the first 30 days, regardless of your subscription plan. We also give you the opportunity to set up an A/B test of the Lite and Pro versions. This way you will see which variant of the service will increase conversions in your online store.

The functionalities will be available in all IdoSell panels within 2 weeks from the publication of this post.

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