Printing sales documents with Printer

Printer supports printing sales documents, what enables instant printing without the need of previewing documents first.

Automatic printing of A4/PDF documents from the IdoSell panel

The Warehouse Management System (WMS) has an order verification module that supports the functionality of ordering printouts of sales documents including fiscal receipts and fiscal VAT invoices to the Printer print server. The print order is executed immediately after the verification is completed, which makes it much easier to complete the necessary documents for orders, because you will receive them exactly at the moment when they are needed, i.e. before the package is sealed for shipment.

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Printing sales documents from POS terminals

Printer supports many devices, what enables delegating document printouts to a given place according to their type. Thus, you can e.g. print receipts and returns to receipts on a device connected to a POS terminal, while receipt cancellation protocols or sales reports can be printed on a device available in a different room or connected to a different POS terminal.

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Printing sales documents from Scanner application

Print chosen sales documents in selected scenarios by using a data collector. For example you can always print sales confirmation when the order status changes to In progress.

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Printout server, supporting many devices

Print sales documents on many devices within a single subscription. Printer printout server supports the unlimited number of devices and constitutes a perfect solution if you have many working positions or you conduct international sales.

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