Problems with logging into the administration panel

The procedure of setting up a new password (reset)

Are you having trouble logging in? See what you should do in such situation:

1. Due to the fact that password resets are performed only during working days and the procedure is not immediate, a reset by another person working in your company is the quickest way. Thus, start from getting in touch with another panel user with administrator rights and ask him/her for the reset (setting up a new temporary password). If the new password does not help, check the list of blocked hosts from the level of panel users management to make sure whether your IP address is not blocked.

If there are other users with administrator rights in the panel and you do not use the above mentioned password reset procedure, please indicate the exact reasons for such situation while getting in touch with IdoSell Shop.

2. If there are no other users in the administration panel, to reset a password please write an e-mail at, from an e-mail address saved in CSC as the contact address. You will receive the e-mail including further steps which need to be taken in order to confirm your identity – it results from our care for your safety. We want to be one hundred percent sure that only authorized people have access to the administration panel of your company.

In case of problems with logging into the administration panel, we always encourage our clients to see if they can log into CSC first and check system status to avoid unnecessary password reset.

Please remember that we perform the procedure during working days only. Why not at the weekend? Again, because of the safety reasons.

If you log in for the first time after password reset, you will be asked to type a new password which will be valid from the moment you change it.