A/B tests in IdoSell shops

Varied layouts and a wide range of available marketing tools sometimes makes conversion difficult to assess. With the help of the A / B test module, you can perform experiments that show more cost-effective solutions.

A/B tests

A/B tests (also called split testing) is a method of checking a product's effectiveness by comparing its different variants. When it comes to on-line shops, conducting A/B tests is a way to determine which of the compared shop's versions results in a higher conversion rate. Not only can you check the effectiveness of minor changes (banners, buttons and other adverts) but also - the whole layout change.

Each layout's change and a shop functionality's change is to increase a conversion rate. Some of the aspects are to simplify navigation in a shop, others to draw the attention to a particular group of products. Yet another aspects should prompt the customer to make use of special offers and rebates. It is worth knowing which changes positively influence a conversion rate and which should be avoided.

The A / B Test Module is a powerful tool because it is built into the IdoSell. Without the support for A / B tests, using Google Analytics tools, you are not able to test the full effectiveness of the variants, because you have to run 2 independent pages or make simple modifications in the navigation or page code. Therefore, you will not test whether the new website template, improves or badly influences your sales, not to mention that you will not compare 2 store variants, e.g. one with the removed field for the rebate code in the cart), the second with this field in the basket, because this field will reveal its effect only in connection with the sent messages from the module Marketing Automation and Newsletter containing the discount code.

How it works

The A / B test module works by comparing the effectiveness of two variants. The comparison is obtained by randomly separating clients into one of the versions, and then on the basis of an appropriate sample size, you can observe which conversion is more effective by observing the conversion and the volume of turnover for each group.

There are 2 types of tests:

  1. Template comparison tests - Thanks to this type of tests, you can quickly check if changes in the template that have been made have improved or decreased sales. Running this type of test is very quick and easy. That is why we recommend running A / B tests of this type after each change in the store template.
  2. Comparison tests of full stores - To implement such an experiment, you need to add an additional store to the panel, complete the content and prepare an offer. You can do it by setting everything from the beginning or by inheriting common elements. After completing the preparation of two variants of the store, you choose an additional store during the test run. This variant requires a lot of work to start, but it allows you to test almost everything, from changes in the content of the store, different prices, another offer, to changed email templates and rebate policy. You can learn more on our website: How to start?

To check which elements of the store can be tested, we encourage you to read the most frequently asked questions.