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Product blog - IdoSell online stores (September 2018)

Your store is now available on all mobile devices as a progressive web application (PWA)

Mobile devices accompany us in everyday life. In the modern world, shopping processes take place in '''any place and at any time''': during a break at work or while waiting for a bus. In order to make it easier for your clients to access your product offer, we focus on the ability and convenience of using smartphones, which with each year gain new opportunities and are an inseparable element of our life.

We have added the ability of setting the maximum cart value, above which the discount will not be activated and an indication of product groups that will not be taken into account when calculating the value of the cart.

Modules of discount campaigns and individual discounts have been enriched with new settings, thanks to which you can adjust them even better to your needs. Now, in addition to the minimum cart value, upon which the discount is activated, you can also apply the maximum products value in the cart after exceeding which the discount will no longer work. What is more, you can also indicate products assigned to special zones, which will not be included in the calculation of this value.