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Product blog - IdoSell online stores (June 2016)

You can now let your customers collect loyalty points on their discount cards as well as provide single use discount cards to multiple customers at once

Did you know that point collection is one of the oldest and most effective loyalty marketing strategy which is used by the biggest brands? We have just expanded the functionality of the recently introduced discount card module by allowing your customers to collect their loyalty points directly on discount cards. The points can then be exchanged for products, to cover delivery costs, etc., to further encourage your loyal customer base to come back to your store.

We are introducing comprehensive support for discount cards, as part of wider omnichannel functionality, that can be used e.g. by multiple members of the same family

Customers often base their preference as to which store to make their purchase in on whether any discounts are offered – which is why we present the new discount card module. It is an extension of the already present loyalty card and discount codes modules. It is dedicated for merchants who in addition to digital codes, want to issue physical discount cards which work both online and offline, in tune with a well put together omnichannel retailing strategy.