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We handle hundreds of thousands of transactions generated by thousands of IdoSell online stores every day. What we create and describe in this section is the valuable knowledge resulting from hard data, analyses and our observance of Polish and global e-commerce.

Product blog - IdoSell online stores (November 2021)

IdoSell integration with InPost Fulfillment. Grow your business and handle more orders, without expanding your warehouse

Learn about the new integration of IdoSell with fulfillment services from InPost. By selling in this model, you'll be able to reduce the costs associated with owning or expanding your own warehouse space. Fulfillment also means greater flexibility and scalability during sales peaks - by using an external operator you will be able to quickly and cheaply adapt your shop to a rapidly growing number of orders. Check out IdoSell's latest integration with InPost Fulfillment.

Development plans for the new promotions module. Check out what will change

You can now use the new promotions module from IdoSell. Thanks to it, you can apply different promotions to groups of goods or a single product, in different time periods. At IdoSell we respond to the needs of our sellers. That's why we would like to inform you that the old promotion module will not be removed before Christmas. Before we impose a block on the ability to add new promotions in the old module, we will fix the problems reported by you in the functioning of the new module.

IdoSell integration with Spartoo. Discover new opportunities for the fashion and decor industry

Sell your products on a site that is one of the leaders in e-commerce for fashion and decor on the European market. Thanks to the integration you will gain access to over 20 dedicated regional sites and reach 450 million registered users. Sell on Spartoo both in Poland and in many European countries. Learn about the latest IdoSell integration and check how easy it will be to present your products on Spartoo.

Schedule packing dates for orders in your shop. New WMS capabilities

At IdoSell we are constantly developing the capabilities of the WMS (warehouse management system). You can already use the new ''Planned order packing date'' mechanism. Thanks to it you'll be able to better plan the process of preparing packages and manage shipments with future delivery dates.

Manage invoices in your online store. Turn paper invoices into electronic ones

With the latest changes to the panel, you can more easily manage invoices in your webshop. Choose whether your customers at the checkout stage will receive an electronic invoice, a printed invoice or whether they can decide for themselves. The change is a response to our retailers' needs. Among other things, it makes it easy to switch off paper invoices in the shop, which saves time and money. Check what possibilities you have to set up your sales documents in IdoSell