Configuration of discount campaigns

Simple configuration guarantees comfortable and efficient work with discount codes and marketing campaigns.

How to display campaigns?

Go to MARKETING and click on Discount codes. System will display page selection - select store, for which you would like to browse campaigns. Another page displays list of campaigns after clicking on [select] button next to Check all created campaigns.

How to add campaigns?

Click Add campaign on campaign list. Then select campaign parameters. All these parameters will be applied to campaign codes. Of course every single code can have independent settings if you will be needing them.

How to upload or generate codes?

Uploading codes to the system is very simple. All you need to do is to click on Add codes next to campaign name in the operations column. Now you can decide, whether you want to add one code, generate a dozen of them or several dozen, or maybe add codes received from group shopping sites, i.e. Groupon. If you decide on adding codes, just paste all codes received from group shopping site (separated by enter) and the system will add them to campaign. Easy? Learn for yourself!