Data migration

Data migration

When setting up a new online store or moving an existing store to new software, it is very important to keep your existing customer base. Equally important is keeping the products database the same, which includes product prices, pictures, descriptions and other settings.

IdoSell Shop lets you migrate all essential data when starting out with a new store. Our specialists can perform the migration for you. They will do so securely, taking into account all transferable information and settings.

We will professionally acquire data from your old software or files, analyse the source data structure and confirm all transfer steps with you. The entire operation will be carried out in a secure manner, taking into account data security and integrity. You can receive a free quote for your specific migration requirements by contacting us.

The most common data migration operations we can do for you are:

  • Product data (descriptions, pictures, prices, parameters)
  • Customer data (contact information, tags)
  • Import e-mail addresses to the newsletter database

Data can be migrated from:

  • Directly from an external ecommerce platform
  • XML, CSV, XLS files
  • Financial accounting and ERP systems
  • CRM systems
  • Databases located on external servers
  • Database dumps

Unusual operations on products, customers and orders during migration

The IdoSell Shop administration panel provides a variety of tools for single and group product editing. However, you sometimes may need to perform an operation for which there is no dedicated function in the panel. You can count on our help when planning to perform any non-standard product data exports and imports. These can include mass changes to product parameters, based on a predefined rule, or creating a custom report.

Data migration pricing

Each migration task is preceded by a detailed analysis of sample materials, after which you receive a cost estimate. Historical order migration may involve additional analysis in regards to how target products should be configured so that they correspond to current shop's visual templates. Data import tasks can be executed as single time & material orders, but they can also be included in an store implementation package .

Our consultants will help you plan the data migration tasks according to your budget and individual requirements.

Contact us.