Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Below you can find a list of answers to the questions most frequently asked by our users. If you can't find an answer for your question here, please contact our customer care department.

I am planning an additional online store - what are the terms of implementation and subscription fees?

If you already have an online store, you can order an unlimited number of additional stores by sending a ticket from the administration panel to our sales department at any time.

The four points included below explain how to implement an additional online store at the best price.

1. If a new online store is going to operate on the basis of the same administration panel

In most cases, it is more profitable to install an e-shop in the existing panel. Thanks to this solution, actions such as management of both online stores and the stock, preparing documents for shipping, posting of payments or providing sale documentation, are possible from the same place. Even in case of different assortments, it is still profitable to have additional online stores installed in one panel. fully supports such a solution, so do not worry about running many online stores in a single panel. It will not cause any inconvenience or chaos.

PAYMENTS - SUBSCRIPTION AND INSTALLATION: The installation fee for each additional online store, instead of the standard 149GBP / 169EUR net, is only 25GBP / 28,5EUR net net. There is also no need to pay an additional subscription, since a fee of only 6,25GBP / 7,5EUR a month is charged for each installed store in the panel. Remember that after having an additional store installed in the panel, the subscription is shared - the amount of traffic, dynamic webpages and products displays are calculated in total for all online stores.

2. If a new online store is going to be a completely different project handled by a separate administration panel

If your additional online store is going to be a completely different project, e.g. handled by a separate branch of your Company, and you do not want to have all your Internet shops supported collectively, you can commission us with an installation of a completely different shop with a separate panel.

PAYMENTS - SUBSCRIPTION AND INSTALLATION: In this case, the settlement is done on a regular basis - you pay the full activation fee for a new online store, and cover the additional monthly subscription.

3. If an addItional online store is very similar to the existing one

If the additional store is very similar to the existing one, for example it differs only in the background color and logo, commission us to copy the 'old' mask and introduce the minor changes where necessary. This solution is very beneficial, but only if the additional online store is actually very similar to the existing one. Otherwise, it will be more expensive than creating a new design and its coding in accordance with the offered implementation versions. Bear in mind that even a slight change in the shop design may entail a lot of work, so if you are planning modifications that go beyond cosmetic changes, choose the second solution presented below.

PAYMENTS - SUBSCRIPTION AND INSTALLATION: By copying the old mask and introducing minor modifications, the cost of producing a new mask may be equal to a few man-hours of our graphic designers. We will not charge you with fees provided in the implementation packages. The settlement will include the cost of the actual work time spent on copying and modifying the mask.

4. If an additional online store differs from the existing one

If the additional store is going to be different from the present one, e.g. it is going to have a different design or distinct color schemes in many places, the most reasonable solution is to order one of the implementation packages:

The 'package' work of our graphic designers is a lot cheaper than their work within additional works, so if you want to have a new online store differing from the existing one, and the changes introduced to it are not minor, in order to achieve maximum savings, order a 'normal' implementation in any of the packages.

If you have your own project of a new shop (ready graphics professionally prepared for coding, without the need to process it), obviously we will not charge any fees for the shop design.

PAYMENTS - PROJECT AND CODING: The order of a new mask for an additional store is settled on a regular basis in accordance with the implementation package's price list.

Can I open a second shop for the same group of products so a customer accessing the shop does not lose products in a basket?

Yes. The system has been designed in a way that it sets a session for shops' domains, technical domains and SSL domains. Thanks to this, your customer when accessing yet another shop you have, will remain signed in and will keep the basket content. Here we recommend setting the same product prices in all shops. If a customer adds a product in a shop no.1 and place an order in a shop no.2, the basket total value will be calculated basing on prices set in the second shop.

What information can be copied by the installer when adding a new shop in the administration panel?

1. Menu settings (navigation tree) - shared
2. Products - shared
3. Banners, buttons, ads – sharing them needs to be enabled, it is not default
4. Default meta is copied during the installation
5. CMS is not copied, it is empty after installation
6. Information about order process (order statuses and payments) – copied during installation
7. E-mails content – copied during installation
8. Toplayers - sharing them needs to be enabled, it is not default
9. Shop configuration – yes, default
10. HTML and JavaScript addons - sharing them needs to be enabled, it is not default
11. E-mail accounts configuration – settings copied
12. Payment and delivery profiles – yes, default
13. Language configuration – yes, default
14. Currencies configuration – yes, default
15. Configuration of returns - copied during installation