Discounts and freebies - configuration and management

If you have a specific customer base and want to use modern promotion tools targeted at selected customers of your store, then the Discounts and freebies is just such a tool to strengthen the relationship between the customer and the range offered in the store.

If you have your own customer base and want to use modern tools to conduct promotional operations directed to selected customers, Discounts and freebies function is just the tool you need to strengthen relations between your client and your shop.

By means of this option you can define appropriate discounts and add freebies for customers, that are new or loyal partners of your shop.

What kinds of discounts can I choose from?

For you to be able to use all the benefits of discount management system, we would like to invite you to familiarize yourself with descriptions of available Discount types:

  • Threshold discounts and free products: calculated on basis of one-time order. It is activated, when value of order being placed reaches indicated amount, also known as threshold. For example: adding 5% discount from one-time order and with threshold amount of 500 EUR we will make a customer, who orders products with total value of 600 EUR, pay only 570 EUR. When he makes his purchases for only 400 EUR, he will pay it in full amount. In addition to this, you can add loyalty points and freebies, from which the customer will be able to choose one.
  • Cumulative discounts: calculated from total value of orders placed in your shop. If you set this discount to - for example - 2000 EUR - it will be activated, when the total value of payments made by single customer reaches this amount. The takes under consideration all payments to completed orders (status set to Completed). It applies even to customers with orders placed long before setting this threshold.
  • Discount codes: it is the so-called discount on password, granted for order placed by customer. More information on page dedicated for discount codes.
  • Non-cumulative quantity discount: calculated from quantity or value of products in single order - allows to set different thresholds, and after crossing them a proper discount will be granted. Discount can lower the products price only to level of minimal price.

In addition - each discount type and loyalty card can be defined separately for retail and wholesale customers and all your stores (which is important, when you are running more than one shop).

To utilize the possibility of managing discounts and loyalty cards and assign them to appropriate customer types and stores, just go to proper page and click on Edit button next to it. It will redirect you to edition form, that will allow you to set discount.

How can discount work?

Discounts can work in two ways:
1. Add to all other discounts.

  • When placing an order, the system will add all discounts (i.e. threshold, cumulative, quantity and assigned to discount code), of course when all their criteria are met.
  • Different discounts of the same type will not be added however. In example, when adding two Non-cumulative quantity discounts, one for 5% from 100 EUR and second for 10% from 200 EUR, the customer will be granted 10% discount, not 15%.
  • Discounts - threshold, cumulative, quantity and one assigned to discount code - is not added to discount assigned to customer loyalty card.

2. Use only, when higher than sum of the rest of discounts.

  • Such discount will be calculated only, when its value will be higher than sum of the rest of discounts granted for indicated order.
  • Notice: Please remember, that the highest discount is taken under consideration only for specific product, not for entire order.

Why can't I see free products in shop, despite I added them in administration panel?

Reason for that may be the lack of appropriate components in shop mask. Please make sure, that your basket in store has all required components. If you would like to order these components, please contact our graphical department to learn more about details of this operation.