Preparation of the Administration Panel

Actions necessary to prepare the Administration Panel for conducting online sales

Enter the details of your company

Use the options from the Company data section, located in the ADMINISTRATION module. It allows you to complement your company data, including contact details of your store. You can add different information about your company, including contact details, and freely name them. The data you enter into this form will appear in the documents generated by the panel and on the shop website in the Contact section.

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Add user accounts of your employees in the panel

Creating user accounts for each employee who will handle the Administration Panel is strongly recommended. This way you can make use of many options available in the REPORTS&FINANCES / Settlement with employees section. Operations such as: product editing, customer editing and completing orders are automatically registered, so you have an insight into the history of actions performed by your employees. User account can be added in the ADMINISTRATION / Panel users management section.

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Set the delivery and payment options

Go to the ADMINISTRATION / Delivery and payment services settings for the country section. Here you can easily edit the default delivery profiles and payment profiles for wholesale and retail customers. In the payment profile edition you can define what methods of payment you allow to use in your shop and set up practically any form of payment. You can also set your bank account and the possibility of making down payments. In delivery profile edition you can add courier deliveries (they can be turned on in the ADMINISTRATION / Courier setup section) and determine shipment costs depending on the form of delivery (COD, prepay), as well as configure additional settings, such as amount ranges, delivery times etc. If you want to conduct sales in many countries, simply add them into the panel and set the default payment, and delivery profiles.

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Set up supported currencies and languages

You can conduct sales on foreign markets, but first you should add the appropriate language and enable the currency exchange. Currencies can be added in the ADMINISTRATION / Currency configuration section. Set the conversion mode, currency symbols and visibility in a shop. Automatic mode is based on the current exchange rate of the NBP (the National Bank of Poland). To add a language, go to the ADMINISTRATION / Language configuration. First, add the language to the Administration Panel and then to the shop. From this list you can also set the default currency for specific languages. This option automatically turns on displaying the price, for example in pounds, for a client who chooses English language. Remember to set the appropriate shop mask for a newly added languages. In the MODERATION / Mask change, update, edition and translation section - before the mask change operation - the system asks you to select the appropriate language. You can determine which mask is to be published for the selected language. Remember to enter the proper product names, descriptions and attributes in languages that you've added this way.

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Customize e-mails and SMS sent to customers

We have prepared ready-to-use templates for all messages sent from the panel with a support for the so-called active variables. Active variable is a special designation placed in the template content which automatically substitutes the specified value, for example [iai: product_name], with a name of a product ordered by a customer and placed in an e-mail template sent to the customer who placed and order in your shop. E-mail and SMS will be sent to customers in certain situations. You can view and freely modify them in the MODERATION section. In addition to e-mail content edition, you can also define headers and footers for indicated message type.

Sending e-mail is enabled by default on the server, on which the Administration Panel is installed. We recommend Outlook/Hotmail configuration in Windows Live, which cope very well with sending e-mails. Over the time, when the number of sent messages increases, we suggest setting up and configuring your own mail server.
Support for sending SMS is enabled by default. To configure it, go to the ADMINISTRATION / SMS configuration section. After turning it on, the system will display a price of sending a single text message and will ask you to set a limit for daily purposes.

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