Cash back – rapid payouts for orders and returns made through payment systems. The function will be available for PayPal and Dotpay.

Put an end to manual refund processing. From now on, IdoSell shops can make refunds directly from the warehouse management system (WMS) with just one click! This function is available both for orders and returns generated by a customer or your staff.

Make returns management faster

From now on refunds are easier. You can issue a refund to customers who paid with one of the payment systems supporting refunds, directly from the IdoSell Shop panel with just one click. What are the benefits?

  • saving time on refunds management – you issue a refund directly from the IdoSell Shop panel with no need of logging in to the payment operator's panel;
  • registering a return automatically – as soon as we receive information about a refund from the payment system

Payment systems for which cash back is supported: