Frequently asked questions about Trusted Shops integration

How to activate Trusted Shops?

Go to MARKETING / Trusted Shops, choose a store and configure the integration.

How does the Trusted Shops integration works?

Choose a store, for which you wish to activate the service, and the Trusted Shops Buyer Protection model - Classic or Excellence.

Integration when you choose the Classic model
You only need the certificate to configure the integration. As an option, you can choose the icon visible in your store.

Your clients will be able to use the Buyer Protection after placing an order, if they register on Trusted Shops webpage. After placing an order, customer is being redirected to this page, where one can register this purchase. This is not anyhow reported to your store but you can always check it at the Trusted Shops panel.

Integration when you choose the Excellence model
To configure this mode, in addition to the certificate, you also need login and password. You will receive all these data after successful certification process performed by Trusted Shops. After saving configuration, the system will check, whether the certificate has been issued for this particular store and inform you about the outcome of such query. If you configured everything correctly, adequate icon will become visible in your store.

You clients will be able to use the Buyer Protection, choosing additional insurance in the second step of ordering process. If one choses the insurance, additional insurance fee will be added to the order value. Payments are calculated by Trusted Shops and cannot be configured in your panel or affected otherwise. Information about insurance fee will be displayed on order card in panel. Remember, that your client will receive a request to confirm the insurance with an e-mail. If one confirms it, insurance will be set to an adequate status.

Also remember, that - to be able to use the Trusted Shops certificate - your store needs to be certified accordingly be the TS.

How does the Trusted Shops pre-certification work?

All STANDARD masks are already pre-certified, so there is no need to adjust them anyhow.

Important: Elements - like Privacy Policy, Terms&Conditions or information on agreement termination - need to be configured individually and are mandatory. List of required store elements will be handled to you by Trusted Shops.

Basket and ordering process configuration
Trusted Shops requires following elements in the ordering process: Privacy policy, Terms&Conditions and information on agreement termination. These pages can be created by you with click on "yes" next to Do you want to show additional information on privacy policy and agreement termination when ordering? question. Paste the links of pages created by in the CMS editor.

How to verify the certificate at Trusted Shops?

To verify the certificate on Trusted Shops webpage, just paste the link below in your web browser, replacing the [(Trusted Shops ID) Certificate] with your certificate, you obtained from Trusted Shops.[(Trusted Shops ID) Certificate]