Barclaycard payments - FAQ

Here you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning Barclaycard payment processing.

What currencies are supported by Barclaycard?

The list of supported currencies can be found on Accepting International Payments

Currencies which can be configured in your Barclaycard account are determined individually - to check the currencies supported by your account, go to the Barclaycard panel, section Configuration/Account/Currency.

Payments are transferred to Barclaycard in a different currency, in spite of purchases made in GBP - what should be done to transfer them in GBP?

If a payment is supposed to be transferred in the same currency that the one chosen by a buyer, the currency must be set as a billing currency in ADMINISTRATION/Currency setup/Currencies configuration for page.

How do I get the data necessary to complete the configuration in IdoSell panel?

The description of each configuration field can be found in the section How to run processing payments through Barclaycard. The full content of the page is available for registered users only.