PayU - FAQ

Does IdoSell support PayU systems for countries other than Poland?

In IdoSell you can allocate payments from customers from all over the world through the PayU payment system. Apart from Poland, you can use customer accounts dedicated to Czech Republic (account previously available as, Romania and Hungary. All countries can be handled by PayU, after introducing the configuration for each currency separately.

Can a division to selected payment methods be used for accounts dedicated for countries other than Poland?

Division to selected payment methods works for methods available in IdoSell and available on a PayU customer account (identified by the pos_id parameter).

It means that if you enabled debit cards in your PayU account, you can handle them through PayU, with a direct transition to the payment form. When it comes to banks, it's best to choose a general Payu form, which shows your customers all enabled and available PayU payment forms at the moment of making a transaction.

What settings should a payment point have in the PayU panel?

While creating a payment point in the PayU panel, give it any name. Coding: UTF-8. Details: "How to enable PayU in an online store?".

Please remember that IdoSell integration with PayU supports the most current version, a so-called REST API. If your payment point is based on an older version, a so-called Classic API, contact PayU, to make a transfer to REST.

Does support an on-site debit card payment form and one-click payments on the basis of the last used debit card?

Yes, IdoSell integration with PayU includes:

  • standard Pay-By-Link channels (concerns bank transfers and debit card payments)
  • on-site debit card payment form (it requires enabling this option on your PayU account, after signing up/extending the agreement)
  • cyclical "one-click" payments, where card data is safely saved in PayU and used for making future transactions with one click (it requires enabling this option on your PayU account, after signing up/extending the agreement)

How to enable (on-site) payments with the ability to make further purchase with one click?

In order to use on-site and one-click payments, you have to sing a PayU contract amendment, so that these types of payments can be enabled in your PayU account. To do so, contact PayU.

On-site payment form (including one-click shopping) is available in all layouts created after November, 2015. Individual designs require updates by the graphics department. If you use a STANDARD layout, new forms can be supported, after you update the layout to the latest version.

If you are sure that PayU activated new methods and your layout supports necessary functionalities, go to IdoSell PayU integration setup.

How to enable PayU cash backs?

Cash back refunds are available to all payment made via PayU after May, 2016 from administration panel order card, for orders being handled. After the order is shipped, it is possible to make a payout due to a refund functionality. Then, just as in case of orders, payout can be accepted on a return card in the administration panel (Withdrawals section).

In order to enable PayU cash back, PayU has to be configured on the basis of API REST.

How quickly a customer will get money paid out through cash back?

Cash back commission is transferred to PayU on a real-time basis, while its execution depends on the payment operator and payment form. For debit cards, a commission is usually accepted within a few minutes, and for fast back transfers within 24hrs. The final payout is performed the next working day, after accepting the commission by PayU.