Sharing What's on Offer - features

Export all of the goods a store has on offer to files ready to be shared with sales partners

Sharing What's on Offer provides multiple configuration options which ensure that what's on offer includes products available in the warehouse. The module gathers all product information such as prices, descriptions, pictures and quantities, and generates offer files. Once a day, the system will generate updated files to keep what's on offer up-to-date. You can also re-generate the files manually to immediately update them. The module will generate the offer-file URL, which you can send to your partner.

Sharing what's on offer with a specific customer

If you decide to share what you have on offer, the system will ask you to choose the customer with whom you want to share it. This will allow the system to generate price information that takes discounts granted to the given customer into account. Product prices for what's on offer may vary depending on the customer – the decision is up to you. If you stop working with a particular partner, the only thing you need to do is to block their account. The system will prevent that partner from downloading offer files without affecting offers generated for other partners.

Own multiple stores in IdoSell? You can export what each shop has on offer separately!

If you already have multiple shops in the IdoSell administration panel, you can share what each store has on offer separately. This will include the products which are displayed in a specific store. For example, if a product is available in 3 stores, it will be included in the offer exported from all three stores at the price specified for each store.

International distribution – multilingual product descriptions with prices displayed in the customer's currency!

Multilingual Offer Sharing Module support for offers in IOF format. The offer will include product descriptions displayed in the languages which are available in the IdoSell administration panel. The offer files will provide prices expressed in the customer's currency.

Exporting files in various formats

You can export a product database to IOF files (XML based) and CSV files.

Learn more about the formats you can export files to.