File formats for sharing what's on offer

With the Offer Sharing Module, you can export what's on offer in IOF format (XML based) and CSV format.

Sharing what's on offer in IOF format (XML based)

Internet Offer Format (IOF) is a product description format developed by IdoSell. It merges multiple related XML files which fully describe products included in an offer.

  • By sharing what's on offer in IOF format, you can safely and efficiently integrate with partners without any additional effort. To integrate with a partner and become its supplier, you need to enable the Offer Sharing Module, configure it, and generate an offer file URL. Next, you need to send the generated URL to the customer.

Learn more about the functional specification of the IOF format.

  • Is your customer an IdoSell user? Perfect! An IOF-format file sharing what's on offer will be fully supported by IAI Downloader. If your partner is an IAI customer, it can access IAI Downloader free of charge. Your partner only needs to obtain the URL generated for what's on offer. After providing the URL in IAI Downloader, the program will download what's on offer and import it to the partner's IdoSell Administration Panel. What's on offer can be automatically updated in IAI Downloader.

Learn more about IAI Downloader functions, such as importing what's on offer to IdoSell Administration Panel and updating it.

  • What information about products on offer is exported in IOF format? All parts of a product description which are defined by the IOF format specification, i.e. descriptive data, prices, inventories and pictures.

See what product information can be shared in IOF format.

Sharing what's on offer in CSV format

With the Offer Sharing Module, you can export offer files in CSV format. The exported offer will comprise two CSV files:

  • full.csv - provides descriptive information on products, i.e. short descriptions, names, pictures, codes, etc.
  • light.csv - shows inventory information

Note: Offer files shared in CSV format do not include all the information provided in IOF and XML files. This is no bug: we do not recommend integration via CSV files.