Product Bulk Edit - mass offer management in IdoSell

Convenient management of products is now available anytime, anywhere and from any device with access to the Internet! It is finally possible thanks to the IdoSell service. Full mobility completely for free!

How efficient should a software for on-line selling be? It has to be so efficient that simultaneous management of thousands of products should not pose any problems. Maybe you are wondering now, how is controlling so many products possible. Maybe you think, that changing prices of hundreds of products takes long hours to accomplish. Yes, these operations are really time-consuming when you use other on-line selling platforms. But not with the IdoSell!

Manage your offer via web browser! It is easy with the IdoSell.

Comprehensive management of entire offer is more difficult when on-line store offers thousands of products. Making even small changes is problematic, and takes dozens of hours per month. After analyzing modern market needs, we decided to introduce a powerful web (available through an ordinary web browser) tool to edit even the widest assortments.

Product bulk edit tool is directly available through a web browser - in the Administration Panel. This feature contains a set of the most advanced functions that can make your offer management faster and more efficient.

Product bulk edit via the IdoSell Administration Panel.

Product bulk edit enables changing key product features - you do not have to do it manually "one-by-one". Functionality of this module is amazing and we are still improving it! We want this module to perform bulk edit of each product parameter. By several clicks you can change, among other things, prices for thousands of products or assign thousands of products to a particular category.

Full mobility of the IdoSell platform - offer management via mobile web browser.

Product bulk edit is a standard feature of the Administration Panel. Moreover, it does not require installing any components on your computer. This allows you to work on your offer in any place and at any time - all you need is an access to the Internet. The architecture of the bulk edit tool is based on cloud computing - it perfectly fits the overall IAI Co. policy of designing each tool.

Product bulk edit tool will be a source of savings in both time and money. Only the IdoSell offers you such a tool completely for free!

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