Structure of warranties.xml file

Technical Specification
Language used in this document: English (en-US)

This file includes an information about warranties. One product may be assigned to only one warranty. Similarly to product categories, every <warranty> requires to be specified by @id and @name attributes. Warranty terms may be specified in <terms> tag by following attributes:

  • @type (defines a provider of warranty) – three values are available: seller, producer, none,
  • @period_number (defines number of months within warranty is valid) – integer value,
  • @period_unit (defines name of time unit) – one value is available: month.

The <terms> tag is an optional-one, but all other three attributes are required when <terms> tag is specified for <warranty>.
The multi-language feature is available for <name> and <description> tags.

XML Example plik warranties (XML) file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<warranties file_format="IOF"  version="3.0"  language="eng" generated="2018-04-12 12:00:00">
    <warranty id="1" name="Warranty 24 months">
        <terms type="seller" period_number="24" period_unit="month" />    
        <name xml:lang="eng"><![CDATA[Warranty 24 months]]></name>
        <description xml:lang="eng"><![CDATA[<p>24 months warranty offered by the seller</p>]]></description>    
        <name xml:lang="pol"><![CDATA[Gwarancja 24 miesiące]]></name>
        <description xml:lang="pol"><![CDATA[<p>24 miesiące gwarancji oferowanej przez sprzedawcę</p>]]></description>
    <warranty id="2" name="Warranty 12 months">
        <terms type="producer" period_number="24" period_unit="month" />    
        <name xml:lang="eng"><![CDATA[Warranty 12 months]]></name>
        <description xml:lang="eng"><![CDATA[<p>12 months warranty offered by the seller</p>]]></description>    
        <name xml:lang="pol"><![CDATA[Gwarancja 12 miesięcy]]></name>
        <description xml:lang="pol"><![CDATA[<p>12 months warranty offered by the producer</p>]]></description>
    <warranty id="3" name="Without warranty">
        <terms type="none" period_number="12" period_unit="month" />    
        <name xml:lang="eng"><![CDATA[Without warranty]]></name>
        <description xml:lang="eng"><![CDATA[<p>Without producer's and seller's warranty</p>]]></description>    
        <name xml:lang="pol"><![CDATA[Bez gwarancji]]></name>
        <description xml:lang="pol"><![CDATA[<p>Bez gwarancji producenta i sprzedawcy</p>]]></description>

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