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How can I check whether the connection is secured?

Web browsers signal a secured connection with a padlock icon in the browser address bar. Website URL using a secured connection starts with https:// and all information is encrypted. Data can be decrypted only by the receiving party. It takes fractions of a second and it does not require any additional actions on the user's part

Pic.1 Address bar without encryption.

Pic.2 Address bar secured with SSL encryption.

Sometimes the address bar can be very different from ones secured with a standard SLL certificate. It happens, because certificates differ with degree of company verification. An example of such a certificate can be an EV (Extended Validation) certificate. This type of certificate is often used by public trust institutions, banks in particular, where the main goal is to ensure the highest possible safety and confidentiality of transactions.

Pic.3 Address bar secured with an EV SSL certificate.

How to install your own certificate?

IdoSell owners have the possibility of fast and seamless purchase of Certum SSL Certificates. You can also use an already bought certificate by manually uploading it.

  • Before installation it is required to obtain both the private and CSR keys. These keys are to be passed to the company providing the certificate.

Keys are issued for a particular domain. When generating a key, you should provide an exact address, including the 'www' prefix (if such is used). If an error is made during the key generation phase, the purchased certificate will not work properly. The key contains basic information such as: name, site address and authorized email address.

  • Certificate installation: Go toADMINISTRATION / Domains, SSL, redirections and system services management / Manage SSL and click on Buy new SSL certificate by IAI or upload your own. Next click on the link Upload your own SSL certificate which can be found in the top menu._

In the Domain certificate field, enter the text key which you have obtained from the certification company. It usually begins with: "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----". In Key to the certificate above column enter private key. It usually begins with: "-----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----". Most of certification companies require an intermediate certificate to be used. In such situation, enter it into the Authority intermediate certificate field. If there is no such requirement, turn this field off. After saving the settings, the private key will be encrypted and will not be visible anymore.

The above described procedure is not required if you purchase a Certum SSL certificate.

Why cookies are set for all of my stores at once?

When a customer enters an on-line store, a session for technical domains, store domains and SSL domains is set. This is a desired behavior and makes for a seamless experience when using the store. Thanks to this, your customers will be able to buy in all of your stores without the need of signing in every time they change site. The basket contents, when transitioning from one store to another, will also be saved. It usually works as long as the browser is open.

Does the page contain some kind of a frame?

Yes. The system has a mechanism (frame leading to a gate) that sets session for stores' domains, technical domains and SSL domains. It allows your customers to access all of your stores with a single session key - with a single basket and with no need of re-logging. It however, does not mean that the entire store is in the frame - the frame is only an additional element.

How to install a SSL certificate purchased through IdoSell?

Installation details and information about verification of Certum certificates can be found on the Certum SSL certificates page.

Provided SSL Certificate does not work or a warning about unsecured elements is displayed

In case of problems with the SSL Certificate you should first checking your shop's layout in order to find links which are not created automatically. You can commission our graphic designers to verify your layout or you can do it yourself. If the page contains unencrypted elements (with http:// instead of https://), a browser will return a certificate error informing that the page if partially unencrypted.

The most common cause of such warning messages are adverts (MODERATION / Banners, buttons, ads) or additional elements added to the shop's template (MODERATION / HTML and JavaScript snippets).

Another possible solution is to make sure that you included an intermediate certificate, lack of which can make the purchased and installed SSL certificate appear invalid.

What should I do if during the SSL certificate order process I receive information that I need to have an e-mail service active for this domain?

During the order process it is necessary to verify domain ownership. It is done by clicking on an activation link sent to the email address in the indicated domain. For example, if you order a certificate for, the verification email will be sent to, e.g.

If the domain does not include a mailing system, clicking on the link is impossible and neither is completing the order.

How to renew a certificate purchased via IdoSell?

Each certificate purchased through the IdoSell administration panel can be renewed as per the instructions on the website Certum SSL certificates page.

I ordered a SSL certificate and did not receive a link confirming the order - what should I do?

First of all, check whether you entered a proper address while placing the order. You can choose from addresses below:


If you are certain that the link has not reached the address you specified, use the option of resending the activation link. To do this, go to Administration / Manage domains, SSL, redirections and system services / SSL management and click on Display order information. You will find a blue information section which will let you resend the activation link.

If the e-mail does not arrive despite the use of the above instructions, please contact Unizeto at

Also, please check whether you received a message at the address entered in the E-mail field in the certificate order form and confirm the order with the link in the message.

If you do not know what address you entered or selected in the order, check the Information on SSL certificate by IAI order. Both address entered in the E-mail field and the one selected from the list of e-mails verifying the domain can be found there.

How can I cancel the order in case of choosing a wrong option or entering wrong data?

If you chose a wrong SSL certificate type or entered incorrect data, you can cancel the order up until you confirm it from both e-mail addresses.

To cancel the order and receive a refund, go to ADMINISTRATION / Manage domains, SSL, redirections and system services / SSL management and click on Display order information. After clicking on cancel order and confirming that you want to cancel the order, the order will be cancelled and you will receive a refund.

Please remember to place another order, this time for the right certificate.

What happens if I do not prolong an SSL certificate?

In order to avoid forgetting about the prolongation, a week before the certificate expiry date you will receive a ticket with:

  • expiry date
  • domain assigned to the certificate
  • direct link to prolong or buy a certificate

If you do not prolong the existing certificate or buy a new one on time, IdoSell will automatically set a technical domain as an SSL domain. Your customers will not see SSL certification error message nor the information that the connection is untrusted.

Check SSL Certicicates available via IdoSell and choose the best one for your shop.