Scanner - manual and FAQ

Where can I download the manual for Scanner?

There is no separate manual for Scanner, because one isn't necessary. Before a particular module is used, the software displays a tutorial explaining the relevant function.

Can I test Scanner before buying it?

Yes. We've prepared a demo version specifically for that purpose. Although its use is limited to just 7 days, it is otherwise an almost completely functional version of the product, except for the inventory module.

Use of the inventory module is limited - the user can scan 10 items per warehouse.

Can I use Scanner to close orders?

No. Scanner allows you to create an open order in the IdoSell Shop administration panel, view it and verify it. Closing an order is possible only through the IdoSell Shop administration panel.

Will one license allow the software to be used on more than one device?

To use the software on more than one device simultaneously, you must buy a separate license for each device you want to use it on. You can, however, assign the license to a different device once every 24 hours. This means you can use the software on a data collector one day, and on a PC the next day.

Does the application work offline?

No. The application requires a constant internet connection to work properly. It can be a WI-FI network connection or a 3G network connection if the data collector has a GSM modem.

What happens if the device is disconnected from the internet?

If the device is disconnected from the internet, a corresponding error message will be shown, i.e. "No connection with IdoSell Shop Cloud". All operations that are in progress may be completed once the connection is re-established.

Scanner only works when online. This means data cannot be collected while offline and sent to the IdoSell Shop administration panel after the connection is re-established. It must be connected while an online connection is active.

Can I stop the order / supply verification process and return to it later?

If you begin verifying a sales or supply order and then stop the process midway, you'll have to start from the beginning when you come back to it later.

Which warehouse management scenario should I set in the IdoSell Shop administration panel for Scanner to work properly?

Since Scanner allows the user to create orders and verify their contents using IdoSell Shop, the "Main stock system is IdoSell Shop" setting is required.

Can I install Scanner on a mobile device, e.g. a phone or a PDA with Windows Mobile 6.0?

Yes, you can. However, you'll need a barcode scanner for your phone to use the main quick-scanning and barcode-based interface functionalities. It is not possible to use the phone's inbuilt camera to scan barcodes - Scanner does not support that option.

What are the device system requirements for Scanner to function properly?

You can check the data-collector system requirements for Scanner on this website.

Do you plan to create Scanner versions for platforms other than Windows CE and Windows Desktop?

We are not currently planning any other versions of Scanner. Should anything change, however, we'll notify our clients via IAI-News. Windows CE is the current standard for commercial devices, which our software is primarily intended for. We created it mainly in response to the needs of our big clients, who do not use barcode photo recognition or fragile devices such as iPads and iPhones. Data collectors, intended primarily for use in warehouses, are the main devices supported by Scanner.

How does order verification work when the items on the order have saved serial numbers?

The order verification scenario for orders that include items with assigned serial numbers depends on the serial number saving setting specified on the item card in IdoSell Shop.

Example: Item ABC, 3 units, 2 serial numbers saved.

a) Optional serial number saving

If the item is set to optional serial number saving, during order verification the application will only verify the serial numbers of the items if they had their serial numbers saved.

In this example, when the items for the order are scanned, the application will ask for the serial numbers of just two out of the three items. When units number one and two are scanned, a serial number verification prompt will appear to verify that the items have correct, properly assigned serial numbers. The third unit will not require serial number verification. It should just be scanned to confirm that the order being processed has the right item quantity.

If the scanned serial umber does not match the one saved for a particular item, further order verification will be blocked. This is intentional since such of situation (a serial number mismatch or lack of a required saved serial number) might indicate that items of the same type have been mixed up and incorrectly assigned to orders.

b) Serial number saving required

If an item is set to serial number saving required, then during verification the application will verify serial numbers for all items of that type in a particular order.

In the example above, when the items for the order are scanned for verification, the application will display an error prompt indicating that not all required serial numbers have been saved.

At this point, further order verification will be blocked, as in the previous case.

I have SQL Server Compact 3.5 installed, but Scanner displays a database structure verification error during start-up. Why?

This is happens when Scanner has been installed as a 64-bit application, but SQL Server Compact 3.5 has been installed as a 32-bit application.

For Scanner to work properly as a Windows 7 / 8.x 64-bit application, SQL Server Compact 3.5 must also be installed as a 64-bit application.

To do this:

  • First, install SQL Server Compact 3.5 x86 (the 32-bit version)
  • Then, install SQL Server Compact 3.5 x64 (the 64-bit version)

SQL Server Compact 3.5 x64 (the 64-bit version) cannot be installed alone, since the installation wizard will display an error message that a 32-bit version installation is required first.

The barcode scanner doesn't read the entire barcode.

If the barcode scanner does not read the whole barcode, then the device's configuration should be checked first.

  • Stationary barcode scanners can be programmed using special service codes. They should be listed in the device manual.
  • Data collectors such as Datalogic Skorpio have pre-installed proprietary software that allows the user to manage barcode scanner settings. The settings should be located somewhere in the Windows CE control panel. In our example device, the relevant setting is called "Decoding".

Examples of wrong barcode scanner configurations:

  • Omitting the initial "0"

If you scan an EAN-13 code (e.g. 023456789012) and the result is a 12 digit code with the initial "0" being omitted, (23456789012), it's likely that the device has UPC-A to EAN-13 code conversion turned off.

After conversion is turned on, the code should be read correctly as EAN-13, consisting of 13 digits (including the initial zero).

Check your scanning configuration on the following test code:

I get a Incorrect license key error

First, please check that you've inputted the correct license key. If you're sure that the license key is correct, please that check the system clock is properly synchronized.

If the Windows time and date settings are incorrect, the license will not be recognized and you'll receive the "Wrong license key" error message.

I have a MOTOROLA data collector and a barcode scanner does not work properly

Typical collector with an integrated barcode scanner operates on the basis of a keyboard driver. Barcode scanner in MOTOROLA devices requires implementation of a specific driver generating bundles of scanner in application. Now, despite the fact that running Scanner application will be possible, we can not guarantee the possibility of code scanning by a barcode reader. Until we resolve this issue, please purchase the equipment of other brands or contact your hardware vendor who ran the barcode scanner in the keyboard mode.

I have a data collector with the installed ScanEmul application and a barcode scanner does not work properly

The problem with supporting a barcode reader was observed in M3 Orange device, which has no physical function keys on the keyboard and to use the built-in barcode scanner it requires an external application, for example ScanEmul.

ScanEmul application works in a similar way as our application – it monitors physical keyboard calls of a device on which it is installed Scanner.

In case of a data collector with enabled application ScanEmul scanning call is recognized as the F12 function key. Scanner application intercepts calls from the keyboard of a device and is faster than the ScanEmul application. Thus, a laser reader is not released and barcode scanning is not possible.

To make enable barcode reader support by the Scanner application, in the Settings / Advanced Settings, turn off the option Manage device functional buttons which is selected by default.

If you encounter problems with the barcode reader on your device, unchecking Manage device functional buttons will result that the Scanner application will cease to manage function keys of the mobile device and a laser of the barcode reader will start working properly.

Advanced Settings section is available only in cases where an Scanner application is run on a mobile device. An application in the desktop version does not have an Advanced settings section.

I logged in for the first time to a user who has correctly configured his IdoSell Shop account edition settings for default document and label printers, why don't I see these settings when I enter the print settings in the program?

In order to activate the default settings of user's printers downloaded from the IdoSell Shop panel in the Scanner application, it is necessary to reboot the application after its first login. Only then will the program load the saved settings and allow you to make prints by directing them to the appropriate devices.