Integration with the Gemius research company

IdoSell Shop is one of a few e-commerce platforms integrated with Gemius - the biggest research company in Poland. Thanks to the integration you have the access to the newest gemiusShopMonitor service which is the most precise e-commerce research in the world.

Gemius is a Polish research company which has specialized in Internet research for 14 years. It provides business recommendations which are the basis for marketing and sales activities for over two thousand companies in Europe and MENA region (North Africa and the Middle East). One of the fields of company's specialization is e-commerce. For a few years, Gemius has published a report Polish e-Commerce in the eyes of Internet users, which presents a complex analysis of Polish e-commerce. The research presents attitudes and motivations of clients bying in Polish online shops.

In 2012, Gemius created a tool which enables e-shops to compare their outcomes with the aggregated data of the competitors. This new tool helps e-commerce companies to understand market trends and due to alerts, indictaing that effectiveness of a shop in a given source dicreases, enables fast reaction to negative changes. Many e-commerce companies need a point of reference which will not only accelerate its development but also make it possible for the global companies to enter. Aggregated market image with the division to branches can serve as such a point - by comparison with others, selling processes can be facilitated.

Project gemiusShopMonitor is the first such precise research of e-commerce market in the world.''' Apart from typical data generated on the basis of web analytics, the product takes into concideration the specificity of given business branches and thus, companies can receive reports tailored to their needs.

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