Functions and possibilities of IAI RS

Intelligent technology of generating recommendations used in IAI RS is currently one of the most effective and the most advanced solutions used in recommendation systems. IAI RS is a synthesis of researches conducted by scientists from all over the world.

Main functions of IAI RS recommendation system:

  • IAI RS functions in IdoSell Cloud – all essential elements to conduct effective online sales are available in one place, one administration panel, what influences better integration of a system.
  • IAI RS functions in SaaS model – access to always updated version of a service without a need of buying additional implementations and fixes.
  • Fees only for the visible effects of recommendations – we offer commissions in which we charge only for real and measurable effects of IAI RS performance.
  • Matching displayed recommendations visually to the shop's style - free of charge possibility of modifying presented recommendations in order to maximize its effectiveness.
  • Full control' – intuitive administration panel which allows you to easily manage the service.
  • Advanced algorithms of artificial and collective intelligence – possibility of generating recommendations like: a product of this customer has also been bought by other customers who had additionally bought products B and C.
  • Collaborative filtering – collects customer's history and basing on it creates personalized recommendations providing high possibility of perfect matches.
  • Wide range of places and manners of recommendations display – IAI RS makes it possible to display recommendations differently in the following fields:
    • Product's card – recommendations of products similar to a viewed product
    • Products' list – personalized recommendations matching a customer's personal preferences
  • Full integration with the shop's system – possibility of offering many functions unavailable in particular recommendation systems
  • Integration of the recommendation system with discount codes – possibility of presenting a recommended product's price with a special discount for a particular customer
  • Recommendations adapted to the list of available products – IAI RS generates only recommendations of products which are in stock. Therefore, it will not come to a point where a currently unavailable product is recommended
  • No interference in the shop's layout – shops' layouts have built-in IAI RS recommendations fields (hot spots) therefore changing anything in your shop's mask is not required
  • Independence from the shop's infrastructure – IAI RS uses separate dedicated infrastructure thanks to what it does not cause the increase of shops' load
  • Available statistics and integration with A/B tests – possibility of measuring effectiveness of IAI RS and recommendations' monitoring

In progress are, inter alia:

  • Generating recommendations basing on meta-data regarding a size's category and a product's price.
  • User-based type of recommendations – possibility of sending newsletters with individual recommendations.
  • Area of “We recommend you” - a list of personalized recommendations which are periodically updated.

All the above listed functions will be offered within the frames of one offer, gradually improving effectiveness of conducted actions. Ordering IAI RS now, will give you possibility of using the new functions right after they are being published or even pre-released.

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