IdoPay Pricing

IdoPay payments are not only convenience for the store and the customer, but also the most attractive price offer for IdoSell online stores.

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At IdoPay, we distinguish two types of price lists:

  1. Standard - at the start you get 1.2% flat commission.
  2. Negotiated - If your turnover is already high enough or other payment systems offered you much better conditions than our standard one, we will try to beat them. In this case, in order not to fall into the trap of too high flat rates, about which we write above in the field of payment relations and card transaction processing processes, we use 2 separate prices for:
    1. Payment and credit cards - we use the so-called IF++ model
    2. Polish payment options (PayByLink and BLIK, mainly used in Poland) - you get dedicated low commission.

Standard price list

In the standard price list, the commission is 1.2% - 1.4%, depending on the achieved payment turnover threshold. This price includes the total transaction cost (we do not add payment processing fees for cards, which is usually 0.30€ in the EU).

To determine the commission in a current month, we take all IdoPay turnover from the entire previous month for one administrative panel. In the first month the commission is always 1.2%.

IdoPay turnover from the entire previous month Comission in next month
below ~4 500€ 1.4%
~4 500€ - 9 000€ 1.3%
more than ~9 000€ 1.2%
first month 1.2%

~ - levels are calculated in Polish złoty, values in € and other currencies might slightly differ due to currency conversion rates

Negotiated prices

For PayByLink and BLIK payments (the most popular payments in Poland), we offer an individually negotiated, flat commission.

In negotiated prices model, the fee for payment with credit cards is calculated using IF++ model. It's not the most known model of pricing, but it is promoted by Visa and Mastercard card organizations and the European Union.

In the IF++ model, the fee consists of fully transferred costs of interchange fees (IF) and payment processing (PF) and a small percentage margin. Interchange prices are one for all payment systems from a given country and no payment system, regardless of its turnover, cannot get rebates on IF and PF rates.

Interchange fees (IF) are low for consumer credit cards (0.2-0.3%), but are much higher for business or non-EU cards (e.g. 1.6%).

In models with flat commission, transactions that are too expensive (e.g. business or non-EU cards) are rejected by the payment system as too expensive (e.g. when you have the 0.95% negotiated rate and the interchange alone is 1.35%). And there it doesn't matter that for example, you do not send parcels to Ukraine. It is enough if a person from Ukraine is in Poland and will pay with his card to make the transaction cost. So the cost of payment is not predictable before payment. Therefore, the payment system with too low flat rates may reject some transactions. Your store loses orders, even though you have spent money on advertising, for example. This is a common practice, though not very prominent.

That is why in IdoPay, in the case of negotiated prices, we use the very transparent IF++ model, thanks to which no transaction, due to the type of card or country of origin, will be rejected. Thanks to the IF++ pricing model, you do not have to renegotiate contracts, e.g. if you have a larger share of deposits from other countries, business cards. Such transactions will also not be cut, and this is important because, for example, a person from Ukraine may be in Poland and that person's card is from outside the EU.

Using the IF ++ model also protects both parties against renegotiations in the event of changing proportions of payments with different cards from different countries, changing currency share and average basket value. As a seller, you do not have to worry about the payment system claiming an additional payment or penalties in this settlement model, if the proportions or value of the payment will be different from the ones declared at the time of signing the contract. In IdoPay, you don't have to declare any proportions at all, because we only specify the margin added to the IF+PF cost.

Withdrawals of money

Money from card payments go to the IdoPay account and are accumulated on your individual account.

Your money can be transferred to:

  • No fees and immediately, for settlements with IdoSell (e.g. invoice repayment)
  • Your company bank account in the EU (depending on currency you've chosen):
    • Transfers in PLN and EUR cost 0.10€ or 0,10$ or £0,10 for each transfer (the minimum value of the automatically generated transfer is 100 € or 100 zł)
    • Transfers in CZK, USD and GBP cost 7€ or 7$ or £7 for each transfer

Transfer in any currency takes place without conversion, in the amount exactly like the accumulated funds.