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Do you have any questions? Something is unclear? Read the answers to frequently asked questions before reaching for the phone.

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Are the transfers made by IAI in the PayByLink system safe for me and my clients?

Yes. This operation is exactly as safe as any other bank transfer, and even more so because the customer will not make a mistake by entering an incorrect account number or amount.

My client made a mistake and deposited money directly into the IAI account. The client sent me a transfer confirmation, but I do not see these funds in my account. What can I do now and how can i fix it??

Most likely, our system will detect such a situation and will automatically refund the customer the money, free of charge.

If not, the money does not disappear from our account, but is not visible in the system. The transfer simply goes to the account with the wrong description, which prevents its automatic identification. We can then assign such payment manually. For this purpose, please add a ticket in which:

  • confirmation of the transfer by the customer will be attached (preferably PDF file from the bank),
  • information about the order number to which this case relates will be included.

Based on these two pieces of information, we will find this payment and add it to the store. After identifying such a payment, we do not return it to the customer's account or transfer it directly to the store's account, only the payment is credited as normal to the customer's order. The resulting overpayment is settled directly by the store. You decide whether you want to transfer funds to the customer's account or include them in the customer's balance for future orders.

How quickly will I receive funds from IdoPay payments?

Funds for payments in the store are transferred at least monthly to your bank account, after exceeding the threshold of 100 zł and 100 €. The mere information that the customer has paid is recorded in the order instantly - it gives you confidence that the money will arrive and you can send the order. If you want, you can change your preferences in the CSC deposit settings to receive funds more often - every two weeks or every week.

I withdrew funds from IAI payments to the IAI balance and not to my own bank account by mistake. How can I fix it?

After the funds are transferred to the balance in IAI, the sale is carried out on our side automatically and immediately, and thus, a VAT invoice is issued. It can be downloaded from the administration panel along with other invoices. Unfortunately, this fact, which is necessary for accounting reasons, complicates the procedure for the refund - we cannot just transfer the amount back. For this purpose, we must have a signed corrective invoice.

In practice, the balance refund procedure is as follows:
1. Please add a ticket stating the amount to be withdrawn. Please remember that:

  • the balance is settled in net amounts, and invoices and the payment of the balance are gross amounts;
  • it is important to specify the amount to be returned. If the store generates costs within a month, e.g. for graphic work, it may be better to cover them with this top-up than to withdraw funds, which will then have to be paid in again;
  • providing the account number.

2. After determining the amount to be refunded, we prepare a correcting VAT invoice and send it to the store's address (if it is to be a different address, please indicate it in the ticket).
3. We always send two copies of the corrective VAT invoice. Please sign it legibly in the appropriate place and send ""one"" copy back to us.
4. After receiving this copy, we process the transfer and deduct the funds from your balance.

The cost of this operation is £6/8€/$10 net.

How will I receive a VAT invoice for payments made via IAI?

Commission fees for payments made by IAI are settled from the CSC with IAI. This means that they are included in one collective invoice for the IdoSell service. Therefore, a separate VAT invoice is not issued, but only for commissions on payments made by IAI.

Is it possible to send money back to the customer (cash back) via IdoPay? Is it possible to cancel a commission for refunded payments?

The cash back operation is currently only possible for credit cards. Cash back performed from the administration panel will result in an order to transfer funds to the customer's card directly from the IAI balance, if you do not have enough in a given currency in your IAI balance to cover the refund, such an operation will not be possible and you should then proceed as in PayByLink refund case.

In the case of PayByLink, in order to return the money to the customer, you must make a bank transfer to their account. In CSC you can check exactly from which account and with what data the transfer was sent. However, we do not recommend transferring to such an account. The customer should always indicate the account to which they want to receive the refund. We strongly recommend that you always ask the customer to provide the account number to which the money should be returned to be sure. Transferring money without checking the account number may lead to a refund, for example, to the person whom the customer asked for a transfer or to the payment intermediary. In this case, when the customer will not be able to recover the money, they may submit a justified request for a re-transfer.

In the case of contracts with banks on PayByLink, it does not matter, as with credit cards, whether the order is completed or not. Banks do not insure such transactions. It is important whether the money has been sent correctly or not. Therefore, requests for commission cancellation may be submitted to IAI only in the same situations as in the case of banks, i.e. payments were not made correctly and the fee was charged. The mere fact of canceling the order, returning the goods is not a reason for a refund, the fee for a correct transfer.

By the way, we encourage you to transfer payments to the client's balance. Thanks to this, you will avoid transferring money over and over again, and customers will automatically have reduced fees for the next order.

I made a transfer via IdoPay, but I haven't received the order yet.

Due to the fact that IAI is not a party to the transaction (but only acts as an intermediary in the transfer of payments under the IdoPay service), please contact the store where the purchase was made in the first place. In special cases where contact with the seller is impossible or there is a real and reasonable suspicion of fraud, it is necessary to send a complete set of information regarding the transaction, including:

  • proof of payment
  • order number (along with the date of its submission)
  • correspondence with the store
  • information when and how attempts to contact the store took place (except for e-mail contact).

However, please note that we will not consider cases in which the delay in the transaction is shorter than 2 weeks from the declared time.
If there is a real suspicion that the seller is breaking the law, the matter should be reported to the appropriate authorities dealing with their resolution.

Can I set up a different account for each store to which payments for orders will be transferred?

Yes, it is possible. The condition is to have several verified bank account numbers. If you want to verify another account, pay any invoice from it, or transfer the CSC balance from it using the regular transfer option. Once your new account has been verified by us, you will be able to set it up as a withdrawal account for the selected store. You can assign accounts to stores in the administration panel by going to the ''Customer Service Center / Account Management’’.

How can I make a complaint regarding IdoPay?

Complaints are submitted by IAI on its own behalf as an intermediary, and the funds, depending on the situation, are returned to either the sender or the recipient (our client). The refund usually takes up to 90 days.

How can I accept payments in currencies other than PLN with IdoPay?

The option of accepting payments in other currencies is possible for card payments - at the moment, apart from PLN, we support the four most popular currencies: EUR, GBP, USD, CZK.

To start accepting payments in these currencies, all you need to do is add them in the administration panel of your store as billing currencies, and customers buying in these currencies will be able to pay for the order right away.

To be able to withdraw funds to your own account, do not forget to define a separate currency account for each currency in CSC. These accounts will receive funds for orders in selected currencies.