Turn on signing in with login data to external sites - it is easy!

How to turn on signing in with use of login data of: Facebook, PayPal, Google, OpenID or own account server?

Installation procedure for most of sites is very simple and requires only a few clicks in the administration panel. But when it comes to Facebook and PayPal, a necessity of creating a special application comes into play. Installation manual can be found below.

To turn on the sign in mechanism for selected site, go to MODERATION / Shop behavior management and click on Login methods. Select site, that you are particularly interested in, from the list and fill in data required in the edition window. You can also assign a special discount for customers using particular login method.

Information for Facebook service: Enter data obtained during application creation in Application ID and Application SecretKey fields.

From now on a button of signing in with login data from selected site will be visible in your store:

If you are interested in turning on Facebook or PayPal login, follow these steps:

Application creation on Facebook:

Application creation in PayPal:

Basic Info fields should be filled in with following data:

  • Application Name - decide, how your application should be named,
  • Display Name - what name should be displayed,
  • Domain URL - your store domain (starting with http://),
  • Contact Email - your e-mail address.

Identity Services fields should be filled in with following data:

  • Return URL - enter url to client-new.php page,
  • Privacy Policy URL - enter url to terms.php page with privacy policy,
  • Logo URL - enter url to your company/store logo,
  • Supported Protocol - select OpenID 2.0,
  • Attributes Level - select Basic.