Frequently asked questions about printed document templates

How do you add your own document template (HTML)?

  • go to the MODERATION /Printed documents
  • select the appropriate type of document template and click [choose]
  • select the link Add template
  • fill in the form
  • fill in the Template name field
  • set the appropriate options
  • choose language
  • fill in the template content using (HTML) or WYSIWYG edit.
  • select Save changes
  • select link [Document preview with sample data ]

How to add your own document template (ODT)?

Go to MODERATION / Printed documents , select the template and then go to "ODT templates (being withdrawn) ". First, we suggest downloading the default template to see how the data should be entered into the template. Then you can modify the downloaded file using the variables placed on the right side of the panel page you are currently in. There are basic variables and so-called special zones that allow e.g. printing the list. After creating such a template, click on Browse ... under Adding template, select the created (or modified) file, give it a name and click on Add template.
Your template is ready to use. You can preview it with sample data to determine if all variables have been correctly entered.

What application can I use to edit my own ODT document templates?

For editing templates, we recommend using the free Open Office Writer program. If you have Microsoft Word with the add-on installed for ODT file support, editing the templates is also possible. We strongly advise against the use of headers and footers in Microsoft Word.

What parameters can you define for sales documents?

Sales documents, i.e. VAT invoices, pro forma invoices and sales confirmations, can be customized in the same way as printed documents. Templates for each type of documents can be found in the MODERATION / Printed documents section.

In addition, the edit of the most common sales document parameters is located in the Sales documents print settings' and is fully reflected in the default sales document templates. There you can also edit:

  • language of printed documents - for each store separately,
  • numbering and prefixes for sales documents,
  • which columns will be displayed on sales documents,
  • way of grouping items on invoices,
  • the ability to print comments to the order on a sales confirmation document,
  • the logo that appears on the invoice,
  • additional texts on sales documents.

Which font should I use in own document templates (HTML) to correctly display diacritics on PDF documents?

Currently, in order to display correctly diacritics on a PDF document, use the font "DejaVu Sans" in the HTML document template.

The generated PDF document has no page numbering.

For your document to have page numbering, add the following HTML code to the template at the beginning:

    #footer { font-family: DejaVu Sans, sans-serif; height: 15px; }
    #footer .page { text-align: right; font-size: 12px; }
    #footer .page:after { content: counter(page); }
    <div id="footer">
    <p class="page"></p>

This is the page number node code, which is also included in the default templates. You can also modify the template to include elements contained in this block.