Identification and registration of order acquiring sources in on-line store

Using the Conversion and cost-effectiveness analysis tool, you will be able to evaluate, which visit sources are the best for you.

Full and detailed information on sources of obtained traffic is very important element of running an on-line store. In the you can easily check, traffic from which sources brings you the most orders. List of sources contains, among others:

  • on-line store panel,
  • direct entries,
  • Internet on-line search engines - including Google Search, Google images, etc.
  • auction sites - including Allegro Group and eBay auction sites,
  • advertising programs like context ads,
  • price comparers or on-line shopping malls,
  • affiliate programs,
  • API
  • CPA programs - programs configured in store panel,
  • newsletter - for visits obtained from mailing sent via shop panel,
  • referring pages - visits registered from sites not defined as particular source,
  • social networking sites - with the most popular sites listed: Facebook, Delicious, Google +, Twitter or Pinterest''.

This report contains information available only in shop administration panel, so it is detailed addendum to data obtained from Google Analytics.