Conversion and cost-effectiveness analysis

With conversion analysis tools you can check, which sales channels bring the highest sales, and which are only costs to you.

Benefits of using the conversion and cost-effectiveness analysis tool

Conversion and cost-effectiveness analysis tool is available in every panel. It displays complete information about site traffic, its costs and conversion rate - all in very friendly form. Thanks to these information you can determine precisely, which marketing actions are profitable for you and which - not. You can direct your attention towards sites, that bring you the highest incomes. Do not let all of your profits to go to waste on failed advertising campaigns in catalogs, search engines or price comparers.

Traffic, conversion rate, but what should I do more?

When you know, which sources bring traffic in your store, you can check cost of clicks from indicated day (with divisions on stores). These comprehensive information will give you the big picture. You can check the cost-effectiveness of all sites you are using. They often generate high costs and give so little in return.

Is this report the same as Google Analytics?

In Google Analytics conversion is a placed order. The moves one step ahead. Conversion and cost-effectiveness analysis treats completed order as conversion. In addition, report also shows obtained margin (including discounts granted, free products added to orders or courier costs). All these information are gathered by the system, so use them to your benefit. The Google Analytics also does not take failed orders under consideration.