Najlepsze rozwiązania do sprzedaży w internecie
Narzędzia dla Developerów

With IdoSell you can modify every section of your shop. Our online stores are quite complex, so the list of all pages is long as a result. To make things easier for you, we split all templates into modules and listed them in the order of importance.

Base list of templates, allowing for a comprehensive redesign of the shop:

  • main - shop's homepage
  • basketedit - basket page
  • client-new - registration page
  • contact - contact page
  • login - main account page, visible after customer login
  • noproduct - page that is displayed after an unsuccesful product search, or when a customer requests a product that has been hidden
  • order1 - when placing an order, this page displays different payment and delivery choices
  • order2 - final step when placing an order. This summary page displays the list of ordered products, chosen payment and delivery options and allows the customer to enter comments.
  • orderdetails - order summary page
  • order-nonstandardized - page displayed when a standard delivery profile is not assigned to an order
  • password-recover - user password recovery page
  • pickup-sites - displayed when placing an order, when a customer choses a self-pickup from a parcel locker, or local warehouse, as their delivery option
  • projector - product details page
  • return - page displayed when an order is cancelled, or all items are removed from the basket
  • search - product list page
  • searching - advanced search page
  • signin - login page
  • text - dynamic content page (editable in the CMS): help, terms, about, info, cms

Additionally, you can modify:

Global variables

  • layout - variables enabled on every page of the shop

CMS pages, News and Blog:

  • links - one of CMS pages on which additional links can be implemented
  • news - page aggregating news
  • blog-list - page aggregating blog entries
  • blog-item - page presenting a full content of the blog entry

Product categories & manufacturers:

  • categories - page listing all product categories
  • producers - page listing all product manufacturers
  • navigation - optional page, displaying top level navigation links. Can be used as a product category catalog.
  • sitemap - sitemap

Customer panel, available after login:

  • client-cards - loyalty card information
  • client-files - information about digital files purchased by the customer
  • client-orders - page listing all orders
  • client-rebate - page listing all global and individual discounts
  • client-address - customer address page. Adresses configured on this page are available for choice when placing an order.
  • client-addresses - page allowing for additional adresses to be specified.

Affiliate program:

Product return & refund module:

RMA module:

Other pages:

  • newsletter - newsletter subscription page
  • opinions-photos - product reviews and comments page, with photos uploaded by customers
  • order-open - order search page - allows for order status to be checked, based on order number and buyer's email address
  • partners - information about shop's business partners
  • product-compare - product comparison page
  • product-opinions - product opinions page
  • product-stocks - product availability page (warehouse stock levels)
  • products-requests - request information about a product page
  • stock - warehouse stock level information page
  • stocks - list of warehouses that allow order self pickup